Debating Evoking Yahweh

Allow me to explain, when I was a teenager I was studying with the intention to become a pastor. After witnessing some acts that appalled me, mainly the beating of a local gay teen by the youth group due to the words of an outdated book, I jumped the boat and followed a very twisted path to where I am now, working with the demonic (life is very ironic). I have absolutely no desire to return to the path I was on, as I love this trail of rabbit holes far too much. However, I have been debating if this is necessary to severe the past bond as I go further down the current one. The basic point of it is to evoke him, have the experience, and look the good in the eye to inform him that my choice is set in stone. While it was an act of man that caused me to leave, I did spend three years (age 12 to 15) in devote study, dedicating my time to the being. It feels like a faint bond that needs to be destroyed to move forward. It Sounds childish after all this time, I know but I would enjoy being able to attend future events in my family that will likely take place in a church without the bitter taste in the back of my throat.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

  1. You should know that there are aome boundaries you can not see not to talk of reaching it.
  2. Evocation isn’t all that exist.
  3. Somethings are just mere human thoughts made into reality and widely accepted by those who choose to, it doesn’t change the fact that exist.

Evoke Yahweh, or what do u say? I’ve heard people say they do, some say they call Allah. Allah is no name but word, though the Spirit behind the name may come, and we should not deceive ourselves, he won’t come his self, but send a servant in his place. Because only powerful force can drag them down, not evocation.

Yahweh is not a name either but the name IHVH is pronounced as Yahweh, some pronounce it as Jehovah. Recently an Angel gave me the pronunciation. It doesn’t relate to Yahweh or Jehovah. Yet when I invoke the Name An Angel came not this Being Himself. His first word was: Father sent me, what do you want?

So, you may as well call forth one of the Angels who surrounds His Throne and commune with them, but to evoke Yahweh, some angel may come to you. If you are in to call forth one of His countenance, I can send you a name via PM.

Don’t let deceive ourselves…we can think however we want, believe whatever we choose, but write this Yahweh name of a gold plate and use it as a pendant during your vocations, you’d be surprised no being will stand before you, they are all gonna bow. So what are we sayin?

Try it with any other Spirit name and see if that will happen.


Very interesting. I definitely would like the name if you don’t mind sending it via PM. As for the gold plate pendant, I will have to give it a try. I do have some past history with Azrael. Perhaps he could chime in a little aid as well?

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I would do so right away. So I will be giving you the name of the Great Angel who spoke with Moses in the burning bush. This Angel is called “God Himself”. So terrible and powerful. He is saluted with that title because He’s among those who surrounds His Throne, called the Countenance of God. Just like the seal of El Shaddai in the Key of Solomon described Metraton as Countenance, they are not one but many. Countless! All terribly powerfully.

Sure, he would. I just asked him but he said he’s not among the Countenance. But can really aid you.


I have read that Yahweh is equivalent to the God El in my research. I see what you mean. I have been in the same disposition myself six years ago. Release all your based beliefs about God, release all your fears about these subjects.


I am interested in this myself to evoke, though at the same time I sort of view God sort of like this

So in some ways, I’m not sure what I would be invoking other than that which I AM without my individual personality and ego.

I have been wondering what would in mean to evoke the Tetragrammaton or perhaps other particular God names as perhaps that would be a bit different. I believe I had communicated with the central sun of the universe before, which is sort of like the heart of the Universe and has aspects of it that is like the Christian God to me. I also think it can be a bit dangerous to evoke to much as I got the impression that too much of this being evoked could kill a person.

I am wondering things like why there was such a big deal over homosexuality, I could sort of see it being rationalized as a sin, maybe to a small degree, but not to the extent that it often is, or the rational behind it.

I also believe I maybe black brothered and would sometimes like to ask about questions regarding that.

Let me know how it goes.

Definitely will. I have experienced something I have called the prima materia early on in my practice when I went through a death initiation with Azarel. He described it as the source of everything that has form, whether it is spiritual or physical. EA mentioned it in one of his videos as the nothing that is everything. I am wondering if God is another form that emerged from it, the hand that shapes it, or is completely separate entirely. Perhaps it is one of the same, which would make severing the bond difficult. Definitely will have to drop any expectations at the door with this ritual. I can practically hear my Hebrew ancestors yell at me that it is about time I did this.


By principle, I try to avoid Yahweh altogether.


I doubt they are powerful at all. What exactly are any of the “god” aspects capable of?

Too much could kill someone? Exactly how so?

I sort of wonder if there is a God that is the true God, one that is more along the lines of a monist Panthiest definition sort of a super organism of the universe, while there is also a demi urge thought form that acts as a an overseer that judges all but is built through the ideas of people feeding it energy, one that will actually try to send you to hell for not feeding it your belief.

I think this relates back to what I was just saying about if you should go into the light or a way from it.


Or become your own like and destroy that light perhaps?

Yes . That is Yahweh.

He is not a deity He is God


Can you send me his name via pm


Yahweh would be considered a deity. The word deity applies to monotheistic faiths as well. It just refers to a being that is worshipped.


But getting back on topic, I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for chiming in with advise. I have a better idea of how to go about this now, honestly with a lot less anger now.

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A deity is a type of created being. Therefore He is not one. God bless

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Which one?
Yahweh does sort of take on the personality of what I would imagine would be a false or made up God or thought form God in the personality that is presented at times. But the name I am pretty sure means “I AM” which is the perfect name for a Monist Panthestic Super Organism that is the universe and all of us.

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Yea I agree. The reason is because u like deities who sin all the time, he is perfect. It’s very interesting and to think he’s the only one who acts this way

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Hmm… i can’t pm. Maybe you can send me info on contacting these beings since you claim the technique you utilize works and they come.

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