Death tickle for cheating( for girls and women to use only )

OK u need to a black candle, hot a sigil of lilith hot pepper flakes, graveyard dirt, ur own spit,tears, a few drops of blood,and sexual fluids,a few drops small drop of poop, period blood and blood black nail polish nail polish. So what ur going to do is mix the ingredients with all your own feelings of sadness, betrayal,anger put the black candle over the sigil of lilith along with your eyes cheating hex nail polish and at first then invoke her using her enn: “Renich viasa avage lillith lirach, then once u feel her presence” say
Lilith lady of the night
Goddes of lust and death and women and children
Queen of hell its self and empowerment for the feminine and their youth
I come to u in great need
My loved one I gave my heart too and loved so dearly was willing do anything for
Wronged me and hurt me so dearly my heart can’t stand the pain,
Lilith please hear my plee
Curse this time nail polish so when it touches he soon shall be feel and experience our wrath Make him suffer 1000x as much as he made me me suffer until I’m avenged
Let him find no other mate or love for he’s not worthy of it
Let everyother female be repelled by his presence and the sight of him
Let him have so much misfortune, pain, bad luck and depression that he has no choice but to reflect on what he has done.
Let his penis grow small as the size of his consideration, love and respect for me when he commited this horrible act against me
Let him turn in so ugly he can’t even stand his own sight of himself as well as others wouldnt.
Let him suffer this fate until he can beg for forgiveness and I grant him mercy if I dare.
Let all of these intentions manifest in the curse u shall place on this nail polish, so mote it be hail lilith.
Now put a drop of blood on her sigil for an offering, say a prayer of thanks to the Goddes then close the ritual.

Now play it off as if ur not mad, wait u 2 are alone either in your room his room, or anywhere secluded, with your charmed nail polish on play with him a little casually… Then tickle tf out of him get everywhere, the armpits of the bellybutton, stomach, the ribs, neck, everywhere u can under layer of clothing, the more the better and powerful the curse can be, continue for about 10 minutes at least then as soon as u finish casually say goodbye and leave, then later on let him know u know what he did, then block him, avoid him, have nothing to him at all until he begs for mercy and until and if u see fit to remove him from his misery.

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Do you have any experience with these spells you are posting?

You joined us in March of last year, and stated in your intro that you have no practical experience in magick so I’m wondering where you are copying these from and why.

Edit to add: Most of what you see posted on this forum by members are rituals and spells they have actually used with success.


Actually alot can change from then and now. it’s a year later. I traveled and I learned from other relatives who are in the occult. My dad’s dadspeople are hatian and domincian, And his mom and her family are native American/with European descent so they taught everything I know about besides me invoking my own ancestors for guidance.I even made a pact with lucifer along with September 15th to guide me in the ways of the left hand path not for my own desires but to be the change in vigilante in the dark that people to give them light during these dark times that were facing this very age. I have no reason no copy spells at all. My knowledge is either from relatives, ancestors,demons, or loss themselves along with spirits, But I respect and admire u would question me for some people do pretend but I’m not any of those people and I never will be. Thank you

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Thank you for the explanation. If I am understanding you correctly, you have not used these spells yourself, but they are from your relatives who have?

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I actually have used them just to see if they would work and they did even though I had a few undesired results. That’s why if u looked at my first one I have a disclaimer.


And yes they are from relatives I have

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Sorry, I didn’t see any disclaimer. I just saw you making multiple posts with what appeared to be rituals copied from somewhere, so I decided to ask about them.

Thank you for telling me where these spells come from.


Np ur cool man. At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat. We’re all being persecuted by Christians and struggling to survive until lucifer comes back with all of his other demons and original gods. One day coming pretty soon as I’ve even had visions about all of us witches/occultists are going to be able to be open about all of this without being judged by Christians and soon they won’t even exist. It’ll just be us. Much love bro​:smiling_imp::purple_heart::panama::haiti::us::jamaica:

In Slavic mythology, tickling people to death is an alarmingly common trope with some sjenoviki (non-human spirits). This reminded me of that.