Death of my Grandparents

So a few months ago, I posted about my grandfather’s slow passing at the age of 92. Hell, I even prayed to Thanatos to take him. He died shortly after my prayer. Now, I’ve recently heard my grandmother’s cancer is getting worse. Just as with my grandfather, I don’t seem to have a shred of outward sorrow or regret. I’m not thinking I should’ve spent more time with them. I mean we’re 9 hours apart. I saw them when I could.

It’s like I’ve come to peace with their deaths. I mean my cousin has 2 little girls. So they’re great grandparents. I don’t think those last too long. As far as their beliefs and lifestyles go by, they’ve lived long fulfilled lives. So I can’t say I complain.

The area they lived in may not suit my needs, being a small, rural, traditional, religious community. But it suited them quite well. My grandfather was a farmer. Once again, not a lifestyle I’d choose, but one that gave him so much pleasure. He even fought in WW2.

My grandmother, well I don’t know too much about. My related grandmother died before I even understood death. So my grandfather was alone for a bit of time. Then he met my current grandmother. Actually she kind of reminds me of a mushroom with her puffy grey permed hair and scrawny build. I couldn’t really relate to her, but I never questioned her being in the family. Eventually she just blended into the back ground.

I’ve accepted that my grandmother will pass, but just as with my grandfather, this doesn’t mean she’s gone. I believe the dead go to a shadowy but peaceful world of eternal night. In this world they basically sleep. Eventually they reincarnate. The boundaries between worlds thins at certain points. I believe this happens as the sun sets. It’s more powerful at midnight. The moon’s phases effects the thinning of the two worlds, especially on a full moon. Saturdays, being the end of the week, can be potent. The eve of Samhain to the new year makes for the best times to cross the gates.

I once posted about why I wouldn’t practice necromancy. I’ve been reconsidering. Maybe the dead become more accepting of the living. Maybe they’re not as uptight. Maybe, just maybe, they may even be more livelier than those who walk upon this planet and have more fun. I don’t know. All I know is, I hope both of them have as good of an afterlife as they had in this world. Hopefully I’ll get to see them again on the other side.