Death Magic Karma?

Do you believe that someone will suffer karma from killing another by death magic?
(I guess this ties to the three-fold law that whatever you dish out is returned to you).

Not to have a therapy session in this thread, but I’ve lived with my abusive, manipulative, addict grandmother for mostly all of my life. She allowed drugs to get in the way of her relationships with her children, and now grandchildren. She’d go through withdrawls and “discipline (abuse)” us until we bled, cuss us out, and even went so far as to kick my mother out of her house when she became pregnant with my older siblings. Now it’s the same scenario. She lashes out at me all the time, gets drunk and high and tells me to go to hell, etc. Last night, she told me I had to find another place to stay.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. When it first crossed my mind, I pushed it away because I didn’t believe it was right to kill my grandmother even though she’s terrible to everyone. Now it crosses my mind everyday and I feel like I’d be doing all of my family a favor. It’s one of those situations where no one will cry when she passes, but feel more relieved than anything.


Karma is a thaughtform that some people build. There is no Karma


Karma is a belief system that affects only those that believe in it, and it affects them in their next life. Karma was only later altered to fit different ideologies. So if one believes in karma then it will be paid in full in the next life.

Of course, that next life it can very well be removed simply by having a different belief system and cutting those “cords” of that life.