Death in tarot and astrology

Hello! :black_heart:
I was just thinking about how to predict someone’s death. I know many do not want to think of people dying. But I do believe tarot in combination of astrology can make it very clear that someone soon will pass.
I’ll give an example of a current situation surrounding my fathers death.
For around a month I kept receiving the death and tower card consistently. I had assumed that this was just the world energy surrounding me. But I then realized it was a warning of what would come. Like the tower card meaning, his death was sudden a change. When I first found out he was sick I immediately did a tarot reading and the first card was death. I knew it was going to happen but I didn’t want to confirm what I had already known.
Also death card in tarot is Scorpio energy which rules over death and transformation.
The tower card is ruled by Mars which is Aries and Scorpio energy. A mix of immediate action with death and life changing events.

If I were to bring up his astrology chart he had intense transits hitting almost every one of his planets.
The transits:
Sun sextile Uranus
Moon square pluto
Moon square Saturn
Pluto in the 6th house
Venus square Uranus
Mars square Uranus

In my experience pluto and Uranus together creates chaotic changes. It does not always lead to death but your life will never be the same after these transits. I can also see the transits in connection with my astrological chart that confirm the burden of death and healing.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with making connections between death and divination tools? I’d like to know others experiences :black_heart:



Arcane xiii is more like a card showing changes. The arcane II is also related to death and arcane 0 the end. Oft is a combination of cards that shows the death of someone. Anyways more insight comes by scrying on the position of the cards as a whole.

As related to astrology the use of the 12 houses in a tarot thread is an excellent way to get extended extra informations. It is a very vast and inmense domain