Dealing with Those Without

Have you ever had run ins where you’ve been put on the spot about your beliefs/practices, and even vilified?

How did you handle it?


From friends and family or completely unknown?

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My story is from 1992.

My father had been teaching/training me, his blank slate for years by then in my psi abilities, about energy and so forth. I was doing oob, cloud manipulation, etc, expertly by age 12.
He had me meet with so many people, new agers, shamans, etc, to learn a wide range of things. I was educated in quantum physics. I was educated in various forms of religions.
So, he found a group who seemed more occult than anything. He warned me of two protective entities that were in the corners of the living room where they held their group meeting. I feel all energies, so he didn’t want me to be alarmed by something new. They did a lot of chakra work and visualizations. A month of this went by and somehow my best friend and her parents were attending.
He asked the leadership to allow me to demonstrate something. I never had a clue what he was up to. He was random and saw an opportunity. He wanted to show them my prana…to feel it. He had apparently made his own observations quietly. He had me hover my hand a good two inches above my best friends mom’s back and direct the energy. I did so, she felt its intensity.
Next day, her mom calls, very angry. She’d gotten up in the night in pain, looked at her back in the mirror and my hand print was burned into her skin. I didn’t mean to hurt her.
So come Monday, kids are whispering and shying away from me, calling me a witch. The PRINCIPAL calls me into his office with Spanish Inquisition questions. Here I was, trying to explain energy and science to him, a Baptist. My father was told to never bring me back to the group.
Yeah…so, that was my first bad experience with being taboo for my gifts.




Before I got my life on track, my entire family had disowned me already.

They learned I had been dabbling in magick and took the time to drive the 90+ miles to chastise me for not following Christ.

To which I responded. “I thought you told me I wasn’t welcome in your house?”

To which my roommate stated “I dont know who you people are, but you need to leave.”

In short, I simply ignore them. I know who and what I am, I am a wolf, the occult is my pack, and I care not for the opinions of sheep.


The hardest that ever happened to me was to lose friends from school because of my accurate predictions… They went as far as to speak about me to the local priest. Oh well… It’s been ages, I’m over it now. And from time to time my family accuse me for “bad luck” because I don’t “believe in God”. Which again I don’t care, they can prove nothing.


Now, my first “miracle” was at age six. My parents were at some Xtian church and in Sunday school class the teacher told us to gift our offering to someone after praying on it. I didn’t pray on it, and just gave it (dimes, nickels) to my big sister who I idolized (who hated me). I was empty handed at the end of class and my little feels were hurt. I went to my mother who was talking to the minister. I broke into tears. I really wanted money. We were leaving and my hands were clenched. My desire was very strong. I felt something in my hand and opened it to find several quarters. My mother said it was God who did it. My father took new notice of me after that. I bought a toy and never believed it came from God because he hadn’t told anyone to give me money when they prayed.


Physical manifestations, that’s a pretty hardcore story.

Kids have power we forgot we had.


I was taught that nothing was impossible for me. I enjoy my gifts.
My children all have strong gifts.


Omg…the See Wees mermaids I got with it are now worth $125 on eBay. Lol

I was ostracized from a group of churches for simply relating the past and how I presented offering (wrapped in yarn and beads with a prayer scroll). They said they couldn’t tell if it was a kids toy instead of money.

That was infraction 1 (and I noticed the greed ever so present)

At a men’s breakfast one man jumped in my face and said how vile and evil Mormons are and that they’ll burn in Hell. And he said there are worse he knows and he fucking glared at me. That was 2.

The third I was asked how my week was and I went into detail of what I was doing and plans. The guy who knew the musicians at this mega church said I talk too much and should submit to silence. I’m like wtf you asked me a question.

The next I made a yarn covered staff. I made a nice top with hanging crucifix and shod with some metal thing I found. All in all pretty nice. It was rainbow colored sort of like the jacket worn by Joseph. Well, it got odd looks for that as well and was getting shunned.

When I told them of some past of my parents one being tribal the other who had delved in dark arts and now looks into other forms of spirituality I was really shunned. Odd too since they were into talking about afterlife and astral travel… albeit to god.

I was done. I said to myself fuck the hypocrites. So no power demonstrated except me being patient and trying to give that Christianity jazz a chance. In the end it’s very much garbage. Can’t prove nor disprove the validity of their book (so it just as well be Harry Potter) and people are vain, greedy, lusty, prideful yet they deny it and preach the opposite.

Some are genuine but I believe you can be charitable or good of character without the dogma, shame sin cycle, and utter waste of time hearing the same old.


Shame, you should tell them how beautiful Hell is…

Eh, that was like 5 years ago. I keep thinking 4 but that’s off. I meet Christians here and there but they’re nosy, judgemental, and usually agenda driven. They prey on the weak to get them into their congregation then subdue them. Funny when they try it to me these days. I’m nice enough to them unless they press their luck. Then I outright tell them I gave up that Christ submission crap years ago. If their trinity and hordes have a problem with it then tough. I never gave permission to be created so “GOD” can suck on a turd.


Does anyone really want Christians in “Hell” also? God fuck no!

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Xtian and sundry dickhead types offer hours of fun. I ask whether Adam or Eve had navels? And how Cain and Abel felt fucking their mum? I talk about ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’. I ask whether if god is all powerful and can create anything, can he create a rock that’s too heavy for himself to lift? This always gets ‘em going. Then I say, so you believe in a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself? That’s pretty fucked up!

I find that working in and from the background offers its own special rewards. Ain’t got time for disciples (unless they’re wealthy, very attractive, super horny women prepared to cater to my every perverted, degraded and filthy whim). So far, no disciples. Life’s tough.



Since I tend to keep those things to myself I haven’t had any encounters in my adult life. As a child I acted more openly about it, especially about my clairvoyant dreams that predicted stuff with scary accuracy. My parents used to shush me everytime my dreams became reality. We never talked about it again and I found my way of coping by reading a lot of books that I still hide away when visitors stay at my place. I can’t help it, I guess.