Dealing with Mega-Corporations....!

Greetings to All,

I am looking to exact some hurtful and perhaps even painful acts on a larger corporation that I feel has wronged me financially to the point where it has affected my income and my family.
Being a newbie to magical practice, I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to recommend certain rituals or sources for such rituals that may help me along my way to dismantling this corporation, bit by painful bit. I haven’t decided whether I wish to target the entity as a whole or the leader of said corporation (I’m leaning towards the corporation as a whole since I really don’t know who the CEO is or care about them, though I may lump them into the whole ritual just because I’m feeling upset at the moment!)
In any case, any and all recommendations, ideas, plotting, and all sort of evil-ness is welcome. Thank you again

The problem is alot of these big corporations are actually illuminati controlled, they have defenses and if they think you have a chance of getting through them, or if you do manage to get through them, they will try to take you out. Don’t get me wrong, I think they need to go down, but a beginner taking em on is probably not a good idea. Like a guy who just got a gun going out intot he battle field. When going against the big guys, coming up with a proper plan and not running in without knowing your enemy is important.

Now if it is a smaller corporation, maybe it isn’t illuminati controlled, but if it is true to the name of this topic, it would probably be a bad idea trying to take em on until you get a bit more advanced. My advice is learn more stuff, when you can communicate with a demon or something else good at gathering intel, ask it to look at the corporations defenses and when it thinks you will be ready for this or what you need to do before you are at that level. You could also try doing a tarot divination or something to do the same results.

hmm…I see. I can see the wisdom in trying to get ‘better equipped’ when going against the big boys of corporate america. I can’t say for certain if this Tele-comMunicatiOns company Belongs to, If any, a LargEr conglomerate or not. Right now, I’m working with just being able to meditate, breath, and some very basic sigil workings (Spare’s style, Chaos magick, etc). Having read only 2 of EA’s work (Evok.Etern. & BoA, and currently waiting to receive the Complete works)) I starting to realize that I do have a long ways to go to reach a level where I can manifest an effective change on the physical world…