Dealing with "Floating Around"

So, I’ll be blunt. I am at a standstill with what to do. I am unsure of a current to go on, or if my Pendulum is telling the truth. My wards are doing fine. My sigils work fine, but I can’t seem to find that path to stick to and actually learn. I have been having the problems for months. I know all the pantheons I could learn. What gods and demons do what and how most people experience them. I understand that all is up on the table and one should assume nothing. I have the facts, I comprehend the basics. I just don’t know how to get to that next level. I have friends who talk about how their patrons said this or did that and I hear or feel near to nothing at all. I sometimes see things in my head, and trust the intuition. I more often than not have been getting my claim right- I just need direction? If you know any better ways of practice for discovery or ritual or even a basic meditation, let me know.
Thank You.

So, start working on your clairs. They could be shouting for your attention.