Dealing with depression

I’ve been depressed on and off for over 2 years now. It’s becoming more difficult to control my emotions when I’m in public or around people. I can be fine and all of a sudden I feel a wave of anger, resentment & sadness come over me and all I want to do is close myself off from the world. I’m stealing Joker’s line here but it’s true…all I have are negative thoughts. Sometimes I even get the feeling that certain people might be working on me and slowly breaking me down. I’ve lost all interest in things I loved to do. Even the company of family & friends irritate me when I’m like this. It’s like I hate everything and everyone. I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore…

Anyone else have similar experiences? How do you cope? Has anyone performed any rituals that have helped ease your inner chaos? I’m really considering professional help at this point.


Hi there.

Go for professional help.

Other than that, lift. No, really. After lifting you’ll experience a natural high on endorphines for a couple of hours and a couple of hours in good mood everyday are better than nothing.

Bune has this… I don’t know how to call it, but she gives emotional responses to me whenever I try to reach her and always put a smile on my face, so think about it.

I’ve been looking for a ritual, but found none, so I’ll be following this thread. With a little luck someone will give us something concrete, or at least something to reasearch.


You should probably get professional help, magick usually only gives temporary relief…
But for a spirit that can help, Ophiel can help.
Bethor can also aid your efforts in trying to get better.


Keeping it :100: – I’ve been diagnosed with depression for 10+ years and it’s an uphill battle. I feel your pain. This isn’t really a “metaphysical” thing, but I also had the mood swings–turns out I was misdiagnosed and there was a mood disorder going on. Wound up switching meds and it’s changed my life. I feel like a normal person again.

I second what @ReyCuervo said–get professional help. I consulted a close friend of mine of the spiritual variety when I was really down, and he gave me that same advice.

The only thing I’ll say that applies to my situation, though this is not for everyone… I’d spend some time analyzing why you feel this way. In my particular situation, there are some things in my life that I’m not happy about, but I’ve taken the steps to fix those problem areas.

A normie friend of mine said something very insightful: “I sat down one day and looked through everything in my life… TV shows, games, people, etc. I looked at the patterns and found what truly brought me happiness, then I chased it.” and that had me #shook since I heard it.

I’m not sure if you mean they are doing this intentionally or not, I find that because I “absorb” other people’s problems I exhaust myself emotionally, which makes things WAY worse. I can only speak from my experience, though.

This was my biggest challenge and continues to be. It’s a matter of willpower and forcing yourself out of the house and not letting your condition dictate your life. I still haven’t mastered it and not sure that I ever will, but you have to celebrate the small victories in matters like this.

I was this way before I was on medication. I found that I became really short fused because I was miserable, and I projected these things onto other people–via things like: “Oh, your life is SOOOO bad. How could they mess up your latte?! Tragic.” And the like. I’m really a sarcastic asshole, guys.

Depression sucks. It’s a never ending battle, but we wind up stronger because of it.

  • Celebrate the small victories
  • Have a good support system
  • Identify triggers
    – Learn to cope with them
    – If unable to cope, find ways to avoid them
  • Force myself to do things I don’t want to do that are good for me (cleaning my house, taking care of myself, etc.)
  • Attempt to say nice things to myself once in a while

I meditate a lot and that has helped, but I owe a lot of my success to medication.

Do it, fam. It will change the game for you if you get the right physician. I’m not sure if you’re worried about going to a therapist, but in my area a primary care physician can also treat depression.