Dealing with a past abuser

So. I will make this as short and as sweet as possible. For a year I was stuck with a horribly abusive prick, I was too scared to leave even with my own family and boss at the time called the police to get me out. Eventually I went with them BUT that took a while. Anyways through this time he put me through hell.

When I left him two of his exes contacted me as he had done this to them as well. My neighbor who was 15 at the time told me he had msged him for dirty pictures and this entire time he was too scared to tell anyone. The police in that town, I’ve moved since then, did nothing about him. They told me to change my number due to the harassment I was getting. He even called my work over and over and the cops were called there! Yet he used calling apps so it was never the same number. They again, did nothing.

I truly truly am scared he will badly hurt his next girlfriend or do something horrible to someone. I have all of this built up hate and rage and just… disgust with him that I want to do SOMETHING…

Now I am a beginner but I was wondering if there were any tips anyone has, entities, or curses that are beginner friendly that could just do something about this sicko. I was thinking entity. One that would be okay working with a beginner and doesn’t like POS like him. I am by no means asking anyone to do this for me. I have the emotion to fuel this I believe BUT I just need a little push in the right direction. I am willing to do the work. I just worry as I’m not very skilled yet, perhaps I should wait and practice more. BUT even still, I’d like some ideas for then.

I am in another state now and I know I should just move past it but it still causes me grief to this day. I don’t want another person to go through what me and these other girls had to go through. I have seen on the forum some curses you need to be able to see this person, I’m not sure if that’s okay by picture or if it needs to be in person as well.


Thank you! She sounds wonderful💗
I’ll look into her some more.


Michael in my opinion


Greek Gods : Hera, Ares, Persephone,Nemesis, Nyx or Artemis

Norse Gods: practically the whole pantheon. Tyr for Justice, Loki or his wife or kids can do some nasty stuff, Odin due to how dishonorable this man is, Freya, Vidar, Skadi (revenge Goddess) and Surtur. Surturs curses are practically bulletproof.

Celtic: The Morrgan

African : Once more almost any of these entities can help but Yemaya or Oya would be your best bet (not in the same ritual)

Hindu: Durga Or Kali but Lakshmi and Narasimha can fuck him up too

Kami: Susanoo. This God will fuck up his protections and will deliver results but be sure to speak to him first

Kemetic: Haru, Sutekh, Apep, Aset, Sekhmet, Baset, Sobek, Anhur and many others

Middle Eastern: Tiamat or Ishtar. If you have a relationship with him Nergal but also I’ve heard Pazuzu and Tiamats 11 are good for this but they’re not begginer entities

Angels: Samael!!!

Good luck!! If you can petition them to fuck up his Chakras. I attack my targets Chakras at times but since you’re a beginner maybe you can call an entity to do this for you



For some reason, I am compelled to reply to this post of yours.
I understand your motives and goals, you want revenge and justice to have peace within you and move on with your life. It’s fair, it’s your right.

There are many ways you can get what you want or need and you will surely find many alternatives in this forum.

If you allow me, I would like to make my humble suggestion.

I see many people, especially beginners looking for help from “popular and famous” Demons or gods without knowing that there are other entities that can help in the same way, besides being easier to work with and for the beginner to contact.

If you really want to torment that person’s life, don’t limit yourself, use everything you can against him.
Insist, persist and repeat over and over, spells, curses and everything you can. Throw everything and over and over again.

Some might say that by doing this you will be discrediting the magic and making it weak, that doing a single ritual is enough.
I disagree. I think the secret to the success of many rituals is “repeating and insisting”.
Repeat and insist with the thought that your magic is strong and works, but the wrath, anger and hatred you have for this person is so great and so powerful that everything you feel doesn’t fit into just one ritual and that’s why you makes several.

A few experienced mages achieve a success rate of up to 80%.
Out of every 10 attempts, 8 are successful.
I think this is fantastic but what if you are not experienced and have not fully mastered the arts?
Repeat! Insist!
If you think you have a 20% rate, work 5 times harder to get to 100%.

Love and hate move the world, start wars or bring happiness.
Love and hate, in my opinion, are the most powerful ingredients you can use in magic, whether it’s to do “good or bad”.
From what you’ve written, you already have these ingredients and that’s all you need.

All that said, I recommend you this book as a first step towards your goal, it’s simple and easy to use.
There are 11 Demon Princes and their assistants. All you need besides the book is a black candle and your wrath.


I have been very successful using the system in this book as it is.
I’ve also achieved even better results with some additions and customizations I’ve made for my use.

Alongside the book, you can cast other curses and spells if you like.

I wish you all the best and success.


I will try this! Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it so much!

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Funny, I was already looking into getting this book and now you’ve given me that final push.
Thank you, really solid advice that I will use to the best of my ability. I appreciate your reply and the thought behind it. I’ve seen many posts saying your emotions are very important and this is something I most definitely about this.

I’ve been saving some posts on here about curses for similar circumstances so yes, I’ll throw whatever I can find once I feel I’m good and ready to do this along with what I can gather here with my own post.

Thanks again! I was unsure about doing things multiple times for the reason you stated but I can see how it’ll help me as well.


I did read he handles things regarding justice. I guess I didn’t think I could ask this of him for some reason. Not sure why, I just kind of assumed. So thank you!


Do some divination as well to get more info about the target. Destroy protections first and also work on severing the energy link between you two. It also helps to have some defense incase of retaliation


If you want some backup, let me know.


Wow thank you! I’m sure when I go about this all the help I can get will be amazing!

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Demons of magick by Gordon Winterfield
Angels of wraith by the same author

E.a. koettings also has a book on baneful magick

If you’re looking to avoid this in the future I recommend Mgaickal protection by Damon brand it has a 33 day master protection ritual that protects you for a lifetime as well as gives you authority, it also has various other sigils including one for a bully.