Dead Moon Journal

I’m creating a journal to log my thoughts and share with others what I’m currently doing. Today I got a delightful surprise in the mail. It was supposed to arrive on the 23rd. I can’t wait to break into it later.


nice! i always enjoyed Royo’s art!

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A spread I did for a friend today.

Pyramid spread

The top card is the current situation
The two cards underneath are the path taken
The bottom three cards project the future


The daily consultation spread I’m doing for myself.

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15 - Earth over Mountain, KHIEN


The mountain elevates over the Earth, after reaching the mountain top, we must descend into the valley.

Results are achieved calmly and at the same time appreciating large and small. Time to seek one’s equilibrium and that of others, flexibility and for valuing others merits.


45 - Lake over Earth. YHUI


The humid Earth feels irrigated by the waters of the lake. Fertility and prosperity arrives with it’s communion.

The unity of energies and efforts will help one to reach one’s goals. Depending on our commitments and contribution, we will reap the benefits. Discard discord and give a helping hand.

60 - Abyss over Lake. KIEH


The serene lake is to be found in the depths of the abyss. Light does not reach there, but even in this obscurity the lake is converted into a mirror.

One must know one’s limits. In the depths one will find the essential and the essential one will also find obscurity. Know that those limits will allow us to move comfortably and will point out where one can show one’s enthusiasm.

My spread today really hit close to home. I was given a decent raise at my job earlier this week. Its because I’ve been volunteering to do extra work since a lot of my coworkers have been staying home due to the pandemic. They’ve been asking me if I want to move up but I’m not interested because management has more responsibilities and I hate solving people’s problems for them. I did it for almost 7 years and I know my limits. I was thinking about if I should take the job this morning but I feel much better now since I got some clarity. I’m going to go with my gut and not take it.


A book I would highly recommend to any theistic satanist. I literally use this book every day. H.S.



Evocation 12/22

Surgat has a man’s body with putrid grey flesh and goat legs with mange. His head changes from a goat’s head to a frog’s head upon request. He vomits maggots when he speaks.

He can open any lock and I’ve come to the understanding that he’s the perfect spirit to work with if you need to remove an obstacle from your path. I’ve worked with him several times before and he’s always come through for me when it comes to removing something that’s hindering me from my ascent.

He accepts offerings of blood and hair. This is done by placing his offering into a scrying bowl. This also aids in his manifestation because he won’t appear without an offering.

He cannot be bound because he opens all locks.

One of the better books on vampirism that I’ve read. It’s short and to the point. It covers the basics as well as some advanced techniques. This is written from a truly predatory point of view and I would recommend it to anyone whose interested in vampirism without the dogma and morals other books seem to harp on.