Dead Mans Gold >:)

Ok so here is a practical application question… What would I need to summon a dead man in order to find out where he buried his gold at? If it has spirtual protection to make it invisible can he still tell me???

No takers?

I doubt gold would have a spell on it making it invisible. Evoking the shade of the dead man would most likely give you the information you want to receive… I think when you said invisible everyone ran.

Hi Necro, BP - Another possibility … while I agree it is unlikely the gold itself has been rendered invisible, there are wards & spells aplenty to redirect the gaze away from a particular location … “Nothing here to see, look elsewhere…” One could try countering or unweaving such a ward if the ‘general area’ were known. :wink: Z


this spirit should be just a low level spirit to just evoke and call him up and ask…I can call up people a mile down the road from my house for practice…low level spirits should be easy…

Give him my regards,


Well my plan is good old GW has some revolutionary gold that is suppose to be hidden some where around me and I want it. But I ment invisible in that maybe the mind is altered to not see it but with the power of magick I think even physical invisibility is possible. I think if someone found it the world would have know by now. How do I go about finding his sigil ( do the shades of dead men have a sigil??) What do I need to do to protect myself incase there is some seekers be ware type of stuff that might try to hurt me? What am I not considering that I should?

The dead don’t have sigils so you will need a link such as a piece of the corpse. There is also a demon in boa that will allow you to evoke him without a link. If this spirit happens to attack you just evoke murmur

How do I know that he is telling the truth when I summon him can they even lie?

Certain demons in kingdoms of flame can be used to constrain them and make them be truthful.

If I strike Gold I will let you know :wink: Thanks

I expect my half lol

If I had half of the ability you people have, I would be making a career out of treasure hunting and/or running salvage operations. You could even make a fortune in mining.

Its not so easy.

i guess thats another path working in itself, taking years to perfect.