Dead cat hair -uses?

How would you use dead cat hair? Opinions please? Thank you!

Well, Sympathy is at the heart of most magickal symbolism, so I’d start there. There are two essential components that the hair creates a sympathetic link to: (1) cat and (2) death.

Since you posted in the baneful magick section, I’m assuming you don’t want ideas for healing sick kitties. :smiley:

Here are three suggestions …

(1) Use the cat component to give someone severe allergies or to cause their already existing allergy to reach epic proportions.

(2) Add the energy of a spirit aligned with death to the death component of the dead cat hair, and push the intention into it that the death energy will pass into the person you want to harm. Then send the person some flowers with the dead cat hair tucked inside. When he brings it into his aura, the death energies should infect him.

(3) Use both the death component and the cat component at the same time to create a egregore infused with the energy of “death” and “cat”. Send it to torment the victim. I can imagine attacks like random scratches for no reason, hearing cat hissing when he’s falling asleep, adding a vampiric element to the dead cat egregore which would probably manifest in his dreams as seeing a kitty.

Just off the top of my head.


Thank you, you’re wonderful! Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

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Hows it working out for ya?

I didn’t try it yet. I still think of a proper “recipe”…I gotta get creative guys…how do I do it? Mix persons concerns with hair drop some nice oils on it…who do I call for help? Which “friend”?what do I do with it? Throw it in garbage or what?

I have thought of a Haunted mirror for scrying EA talks about scrying for one of the God like powers, now i thought about using a very Haunted mirror, like the Bella Lugose Mirror, to wont be able to purchase that one that is on deadly possessions, i have been thinking a Haunted mirror wouldn’t be a bad idea for communicating with evil spirits, Recusha the mirror Demon, might be able to see my friends Lucifer and Satan, Azazel, i own a Haunted 19th century painting a Haunted Cursed Doll, Haunted dybbuck Satanic Idol, a very haunted Ouija Board with face of devil in board, and a Dybbuck satanic Haunted ring Demons come and gives me a blessing on certain nights when i sleep all my Haunted antiques have got Demons attached to them they do aid me when i use Ouija board on my own i don’t know what i do with out Haunted antique i have published a Supernatural possession jug which has got Poltergeists attached Can’t wait when it is delivered so i can speak to the Poltergeists with the Ouija board, there is a Haunted Doll Naberius Doll-Inhuman Haunting $700 US seller doesnt ship to Australia so i desided to purchase the Haunted Jug, don’t get me wrong Haunted antiques will give a Black Magician a advantage with the darkside i find connect with Haunted antiques with the evil entities.

Not really banefull more necromantic, you could create underworld familiar with dead cat hair. Calling upon it to send messages or knowledge between the veil of the living and dead.

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These suggestions are great. Another thing you could do is create a break up mojo bag using cat and dog hair and the names of your targets so that they “fight like cats and gods”.

Dead hair+subjects hair dressed with melted black wax that contains cursing oil black arts oil and retired oil? What the effect would be? I hope the cat is not cursed tough that wouldn’t be too nice…

Maybe you could ask Bast to protect the cat and direct the spell.