Dead bird facing north on porch

So i got home very late today at 9:45 ish so the sun had gone down, we have a very wide porch but when i walked up to it i immediately noticed a dead blackbird with closed wings facing straight to the right (almost true north). It was so still it took me a bit to tell it was a bird, but i looked up some things about omens and went to tumblr where i opened the app to find a gifset from hereditary where the girl is walking with a dead bird in her hand and that the movie both later shows her cutting the head of a bird off and makes King Paimon very villianous. I also thing its worth noting the last few days i started working with demons again (marbas, vapula, aim, camio) but wasnt sure what to do next. Is this a really morbid way of King Paimon calling me to work with him or something else?

Also, i saw the numbers 333 and 1010 multiple times today, if anyone could help me figure this out it would be highly appreciated