Daytime evocation

Hey guys does anybody know if its possible to perform an evocation during the daytime?And also is there any way to make contact with. a spirit besides physical evocation?I’m not quite sure how to invoke.Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello there- if you want a number of responses to that/suggestions/examples do searchings (top center in menu "search") in this forum... but your question any way to contact besides phy...  
  I'd say not only yes there are other ways, but those other ways lead up to (thus just begin with these OtherWays, as prelim development as well as "getting to know"-get your feet wet, as well as Intro)...

     most Evocations spoken of in other forums/other authors are not actually "physical", but more Vision or Shadows... let alone in the Mind-sphere (at times called "astral evoking")...  I see each of these steps (all beginning with the First step of Contact with the Entity.. get a response.. 

   in the days leading up to the Rite (getting fdbk, at least "hotter/colder" -yeah on target, vs that's not quite right, feelings from the Entity of how you are going to approach), as well as in the Beginning of a Rite starts with that same Substantial Contact (which is Comm without the Presence of Entity or their Energies), and then it progresses from There.

I’m not sure how much of that would make sense (actually I think a recent other post I wrote had almost similar points I wrote, similar questions)- if you can see those distinctions in the EA steps (thus the Sigil-Magick Contact, first communicate getting in vib with this Other type of Mind… and thus “opening the portal” via the Sigil… that has strong affect, and isn’t fully down the Evoking steps, but a little of Omnipotence is still of omni-

(if all that is unclear, and you haven’t search-read forum posts about these points- you might check out the two videos on the BALG EA Koetting Offical YouTube channel (Dixie College Class and the “What is inside the Evo course”… and others) free videos, free postings/articles buried in the mass of this forum… but the “Dixie” video lays out things (if you have already seen that than you may be having a different question. -I hope this wasn’t too off of your seeking) -luck

Yeah I’ve tried opening sigils but can never seem to open it.I’m currently having my pc worked on so I can’t access the e-book or the courses.I’ve tried calling the spirits name,stating. what.I want,offerings,and even praying but none. of it seems to work.I to be able to do these basics because none of my evocations have worked,so I feel like I should try these things first.

Makes sense to do what you can- commendable, good to do what you can and start where you are [where there is a a gap, there is a bridge.]

As you mention having your computer worked on, it seems you have access to a different computer? -you could check out videos on the YouTube channel (as I mentioned) or just search the forum..  (rather than if you don't have use of a computer while it is being fixed, although you did write these posts..)

Anyway- a simpler step might be to have a few different sigils (those that call to you), assume they did “call you” thus why you selected those… and try and see if one of those, sit with and see if you feel a sense of response more from one (many forum-posts comments about how many different ways/perspectives of others seeking to receive a first-contact).

-prior to evocation, sigil opening; and prior to sigil opening, use “thru” the sigil like having the Other answer a cell ph#/mobile# the key is that first call (ie having the metaphorical phone working to make the call, to a Working Number, etc. much isn’t verbalized as the mind-set you are in/how you perceive the issue/question, state of mind/state of your Energy… if any isn’t all “on board”/disconnecting, dis-integrating your signal…

I hope that helps, many little adjustments happen while trying (its not like just being in the same mind-space as walking and talking, or speaking to a person. -there is an indescribable state resulting from being in that Other place (and SEEing things from another “coming from” ~perspective), if during and after you do the event you are in the same as usual, you didn’t get that that occurs from Encountering Else. -luck

I really don’t think time of day or night really matter that much. I rarely even take it into consideration with the exception of the new moon which I always evoke the same entity.

I never thought of asking questions thanks for the tip.Right now I’m using my PS3 and cell phone.Is there anyway I can get the e-book and courses from them?

Hey there- I didn't think of viewing through Phone, although wouldn't a PS3 have the same functionality as a Computer? (bigger screen, same navigation?)- I haven't done via PS3 so I don't know...   

so getting Ebk or Courses, I’d assume if you could A) operate a shopping cart (ie to buy/pay for them) and B) either open a Pdf or stream-play a video? (as the Video courses are viewed online streaming…
they don’t need to be downloaded to view, actually for the first few days you can’t download the files, but immed you can stream/watch them)

-if playing a video (like on YouTube) doesn’t work, it might not… but either way, the below links are all free videos- just click to play (if you can listen to sound)

If you cant see Vid you may not play below, but below links (from EA’s YouTube Channel, related to this BALG forum)…

[a few other posts I wrote on this forum recently might add to what you are seeking? not sure- if could be and you were interested to read, use search /or/ click on my username (left of this post) and then select "profile info" & show posts, Msgs.   If you already knew how to do that, just figured I'd mention in case.]

The “Dixie College” evo class by EA (1 hr and 30min free content)
How To Evoke Spirits To Physical Appearance - Full Seminar

BALG Evocation Course Highlights (but 7minutes of concepts that standalone?)
I Unveil The Holy Grail Of Evocation

“Devil’s Stone Revealed” (table of Contents of that Evo Course- again concepts, listing, but could be “evocative”)
The Devil’s Stone REVEALED

-last but not least: Nate B/Gozer of this Forum, interviewing EA about the Evo Course… again a few good points by those that made the course

(more than the Concepts in the Course, how one that has already Worked through and Walked this Path- and how they SEE it)

Physical Evocation Of Spirits - Interview With Nate Bales

Everytime I try to order 1 of the courses on my ps3 it asks if I’m using windows or internet explorer and says there’s something wrong with my java script

Great question. This is one that I personally asked E.A. during one of my Personal Consults with him (I strongly recommend when budget allows).

E.A. told me no…it doesn’t matter. UNLESS one is dealing with Planetary intelligences and/or very specific Entities that must be evoked at a very specific time.

Hope this helps dudey.

Simple answer: In the Mastering Evocation course, EA evokes spirits outdoors during the daytime. So, yes.