Day of the Dead Santa Muerte Bring Love to Me

The ritual is designed to bring positive relationships in your life, or maintain the ones you already have.

You will need;

  • An image or statue of Santisima Muerte
  • At least one red or pink candle candle (pink works better for friendships and familial love)
  • An offering of flora or alcoholic drink
  • other imagery connected to Santa Muerte
  • other imagery connected to love and your relationship
    -(optional) incense
    -(optional) some paper and pen


There is no need to start with an alternative state of consciousness. Santa Muerte is a folk saint and so many of her rituals only require acts of devotion and/or prayer.

Light a red candle. If you have more than one, have one on each side of the altar where you will commence your ritual. Put the imagery on the altar, making sure La Niña is centered and your focus of attention. If you already have a dedicated altar to her, use that one. If not, make sure you cannot be distracted by other ritual objects not related to the working.

Place your offering in front of her and kneel to show your respects. Place your palms together. Recite the prayer below (or, if you have paper & pen, write it);

Most Holy Death,
I ask you to bring to me love
I ask you to protect the ones I love
I ask you for love and I offer to you my gift
Bless her, the Girl,
Who brings to those most devoted love
Bless her, the Skinny Lady,
Who brings happiness
May love come to me and be with me
For as long as I live with Death as my guide
(Affirming words, like “Amen” or “So shall it be”, will go here).

If you wrote on paper, put it on the statue if possible. If you can’t put the letter in her hand or lap, put it at her feet. Regardless of whether or not you recited the prayer or wrote it, take the time to silently thank Saint Death and focus on your intent.

If possible, let the candles burn out on their own. Leave the offering and letter for at least three days, even if the intent has manifested. Once the flowers have gone dry (if you offered flowers), or three+ days have passed, bury the offering and letter in the direction of Water. Thank or pray to Santa Muerte one more time as you do this. The offering and letter will dissolve in the earth and carry over to the underworld where La Niña will receive them.

Happy last Day of the Dead! (Día de los Muertos)


Last Day of the Dead?

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Oct 31 - First day of the Dead
Nov 1 - 2nd day
Nov 2 - Last day (during the year)


Ah, thank you for clarifying and pardon my ignorance of these things. I was a bit worried lol.

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can this work in any other day of the year?

Absolutely! You don’t need to wait for months, go and do it now if you wish.

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what do you mean by other imagery connected to Santa Muerte and my relationship?

Santa Muerte has many images related to her. Skeletons, the Grim Reaper, the world…

As for pictures of relationships, any picture of the person you want to be with is fine. You can also have a picture that represents your ideal relationship in some way.

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OK and what do I do with those images?

It’s meant to enhance the ritual, and solidify your intent and the spirit’s presence. It’s useful for Santa Muerte partly because of her origins as a Saint and partly because it strengthens different “masks” of her personality.

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I understand but do I have to bury them with the letter?

You don’t have to if you can’t or don’t want to.

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@SabahSnoblod , do i need to establish a relationship with Santa Muerte before i can perform the spell? How long does it normally take to build a relationship with the Most Holy Death? Thanks

Hi @Datolite , You don’t need to have an established relationship to cast the spell but it will work better the stronger a relationship you have with her. Most people take months, maybe years, to build a relationship with her. She’s a powerful ally once you do have it though.

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Thanks for the response @SabahSnoblod :+1::+1:

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