Dating apps for Occult minded individuals

I’ve been on a few dating apps, and damn near every person out there is a goddamn Christian. I can’t stand them. They want me to change for them, not happening. I need to lick a Witch, find a Sorceress.
I can fuck a 1,000 Christian bitches, but to no avail, no amount of reasoning. I’m finished with these hypocrites, i need pagan pussy.

I’m curious if y’all know of any apps which cater to the magickally inclined.


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Maybe stop talking about religion/spiritual beliefs in the first place? This is definitely not something normal people talk about when they first start exchanging messages, so I’m not sure how you’re even getting there.

Then, you get to know someone out of a 1000 who’s more interesting than the rest, and you fall in love. Then, whatever your beliefs are shouldn’t matter.


Sounds like you’re spilling your life on the apps pretty early. As one who has used apps every now and then, it has to be smooth, no religious / spiritual stuff for weeks, even months, depending on the level of the interaction. After a while, people usually get interested in the things the other person introduces them to.

But I’m assuming you’re living somewhere where people are pretty religious Christians ?
Then it might be a harder one.

Some of the dating apps, the women list Christian and how they want just Christian men only. Horniest women I ever met. 8 rounds never satisfies them, then they find out what I am and cant be with me cause they feel theyre inviting the devil in. Bunch of goddamn hypocrites.

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Have you tried any bdsm sites?


Agreed. It’s actually inappropriate to talk about personal beliefs on the first date.

Also, what apps are you using?

_ i can see that being e world of edge lords… yeuch… those sites are bad enough as it is trying to find sanity, anyone proclaiming LHP + BDSM is bound to be mental… uh, except me… but then i have plenty of other red flags :smiley:


How about avoiding people who list Christian as their religion instead of pining after them? And list “pagan” as your religion.

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I don’t do BDSM.
I know a bunch of Christians that are into that.

Didn’t you post a hot picture of yourself a while ago? :thinking:

Try putting a photo in your profile and mention you want to meet someone, this forum is pretty busy, you never know your luck. :man_shrugging:


I need a dating app for fellow demigods.
Humans are sooo boring without a spark of awakened divinity.


Not all of us want to advertise that though

I do tho.

If it means finding demi-god girl, I am willing to carry with me a sign saying “looking for demi-god on demi-god action”.

But we all know that ain’t going to work, gotta ask the gods for help.

The book I was reading the gods and demi gods had their own mobiles… Their own network… I wish I could get my hands on one of them…

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Yeah we got that. Its called telepathy.

Yes but mine is tuned and blocked for one only… lol

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Just defocus. Pull your awareness back, its always there