Dat blog tho


I started a blog. I am going to keep most of my longer ramblings here (Because who wants to read a wall of text from me?) Also I can upload pictures on my blog which gives it a certain…je sne sais quoi.

Anyways here it is


Wow man you even served your mission! I was planning on going on a mission, then again, I too thought about that one warm and fuzzy feeling. I see how the Mormon church is destroying the beautiful place that I live in here in Hawaii. Their temple is beautiful though. They be building houses on ancient grave sites and sacred grounds. It is incredibly wrongful of that. That’s how i truly stopped believing in the church. The day I touched Initiation Into Hermetics, magic became real to me.

LOVE your latest blog entry 10/10.


I am glad I found the Arrested Development picture for the “Occulture” :slight_smile: