Darkness Gift/Payment

Hello Friends

About a month ago I got the ‘Seal of the Sorcerer’ printed out and
meditated on it. I requested a bit of cash to come my way
as at the time I was totally broke and couldn’t even buy food :frowning:

Anyway they ( i.e ‘Forces of Darkness’ not a specific demon) did bring a bit of cash my way very quickly within 4 hours (2 small lottery wins in a row) and at the time I agreed to a gift of honey and wine as a thank you.

I got the impression that I should just mix the wine and honey together and pour it out under a tree.

Anyway I need to make this offering A.S.A.P. as its been delayed already. Ive never done any thing like this before. Is their anything else I need to do while I offer this gift. Thanks a lot.

You could open the Seal and ask.

At the moment I only get faint whisperings from spirit communication and its difficult for me to understand. I will try and open it again. But other general advice would be welcome. Thanks a lot.

You could leave the wine in a glass and the honey on a saucer.

If all that was asked was to pour out the wine and honey mixture under a tree, do so and just give a heartfelt thank you. That is all that is required.

^ This. With maybe a few words of thanks if you feel moved to do so.

Hello,and and the future if ya decide to back twre again a good idea be buy spring water,and sprinkle around giving tanks,take a foto,video,so u knw its rgt tree,