Darkness empowering ~Ant'harratu & Xaryasha

so its been over a month and more that something on the back of my head screamed “ANT HARRATU”
so today i decided to evoke him,he wants to work with me he said that he will teach me the secret of time,gateways and energy patterns and others on my path he gave this ritual:
go in darkness pitch black room best hour for this is 3 am ,meditate on the pitch black and say
“i am one with darkness,i am darkness eternal,i am becoming darkness,”
then recite the incantacion

“ama lash etz Kal alash zar Mal el eczi zamale Kalu enta tzamu ant harratu eka xar’yasha mani ezan eshi macserz sacz almalu ak ba” x3 times

embody the power,now start on your chakras starting from below all those incantacion should be recited 3 times on each chakra

base “ec Mac cee zalu ant harratu mash xar’yasha”

sacral “eyeshishin Mac zel ant harratu mash vel xar’yasha”

plexus"entash Kal manu el mash el xar’yasha mash ant harratu vel man"

heart “an zan er ra xar’yasha mash vel antza er ant harratu”

throat"an ka Mal esh ant harratu en zek xar’yasha"

3 eye"in zalu esharamash cha ant harratu en zi Val ksi vel mash xar’yasha"

crown"eyeyenmasha enzental Kal ec mash tan ecs eshtu Satan vel r u ziaku tzamu Kal"

the energetic veils of your energy body “mashu Zak alzano ec maku Satan”

now meditate on your being feel it soldify on your energy body and chakras and say "alash tad alashtu"x9 again become the power embody it.


:clap::clap::clap: I already want to do this ritual!

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so here it is,i feel the darkness!

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In your post about creating the universal circle, you posted about making a nixture of blood and wine.

I can buy pig’s blood. Would that be fine? Could I substitute water for wine?

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yes for both,
you can put just a little of your blood in the water i believe that would work too

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Thank you. Did you paint the universal circle with red paint on black tablecloth? Or did you cut out red tablecloth and sew it to black tablecloth?


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