Darkness ascending, ritual from azazel, to enpower and ascent you through the power of darkness and abyss

This ritual is called “Darkness ascending”
It was given to me by azazel it serves as opening to your dark spiritual journey and ascension

Begin by entering the theta state and say

"itz ma vespa el kalu el kanta ishmu zanta kal ech izantu

I call the mightly beings of ascent and darkness the 4 gatekeepers of darkness and the great infernal empire thee who names are
Azazel, the taughter of magick and warfare
Amaymon the exalter of glory and keeper of the black sun
Belial he who bows no man nor God
Abaddon the teacher of madness and the king of the bottomless pit
I call you gatekeepers of the outer darkness

Azazel rise
I’khantal echa verespa ent kalu
Itz rel itz rel azazel

Amaymon rise
Ereczanz mema el kanta
Itz ma resh chantus may amaymon

Belial rise
Masnt’z in e ma eshelta
Itz ra cha belial

Abaddon, rise
Meshrir Al gantaltu en za ntgal en ezantu o belt
Itz aha mantius el ka rel anziz abaddon

Oh great beings I call you forth to open your gateway to ascent
Belial, azazel, amaymon, abaddon
I ask you to enpowering all of my physic senses and open my self up to power, help ascent in the abyss
Et vay fena en callu enz "


Oh now I have to try it. It involves my homie.


Alright have fun

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Thanks Dearest Xag

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Thank You :heart::pray:

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Just reading this I feel a heavy alchemical change deep within my body. Will definitely be using this! Thanks @Xag_darklight

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