Darkness - As A Manifestation Base


Well i used to buy black bath bombs, that gave made the water pitch black, for that black mirror type of reflection, then the water it’s self was a gateway, i would turn the lights of and put four tea light candles at each quarter of the bath.

Then i would then open up a gate in the water call down extreme energies into the water repeat litany’s and or incantations and consecrations over the bath.

Then i’d sit inside the bath, the water would be at such a high temperature the steam would rise and because of the bath bomb this would carry a scent, so the bath was a gateway of water, black reflection for scrying.

Steam with a fragment smell which acted as incense and energy and power was anchored to the bath, it’s extremely potent.


Water is itself a great medium for scrying the gateways, I sure mixing the black mirror with water made for a powerful tool.


Yeah i agree and the black relection, Steam, water, candles was certainly potent.


This is another thing I have found true as well. There is one spot that I use in the woods near my home, next to a dam. On a good night it makes a perfect, huge black pool like we were describing before and you can just get lost for hours. I only have ever worked with two beings there, and the repetition of it in the same location seems to be a factor.


I understand you can make contact by repeating the spirits name .now being in complete darkness would having the sigil in hand on paper be beneficial even tho you cant see it in the dark?