Darkness and the Light

Ok, we talked a lot about darkness and light, in magick everything is about symbolism…

So what do they mean to you?

For me Darkness is the Invisible Planes and Light the Physical one,yet there are people who see it the other way: pphysical one being Darkness and Invisible planes being the light.

Seeing in the Darkness as Athenea’s animal, eould mean being able to se the occult side of things.

What do you think of all of this Darkness and the Light?

Duality is a fundamental part of existence on the lower planes. Polarity, it seems, is a damn good teaching mechanism in the evolution of consciousness. Good and evil aren’t concepts that resonate well with me, since they’re commonly used to project values, that developed to ensure a peaceful and efficient cohabitation in human societies, onto an eternal existence that is an individible whole. At least at its core level. An anthropocentric projection, so to speak, that is so common for us to do.
I prefer to think in terms of constructive and destructive. 2 fundamental impulses that account for, and nurture each other. Light and dark, therefore being the constructive and destructive impulses in existence. Both impulses can be used as paths in learnig about existence. Each side has to tell a lot, and is a necessary part of the whole. Therefore, I think, even if battles between them are inevitable, both lead to the same source.