DARK SELF ~ Exercise From Azazel

the dna helix / Azazel sigil thing came up in a talk I went to on DMT and discarnate entities this week. He links Azazel with the tibetan god Za who appears to many who take DMT as a swirling entity covered in eyes.



That 6 month thing is no longer valid, hasn’t been for the past 20 years as now masters are allowed to teach people how to , although don’t know about the dark side from your perspective but for me there is no yin yang… it is All me! I know myself and nobody is one or the other, it depends which is more dominant, imho, due to ego issues or orientation from childhood etc… Funny, never knew about the limitations being taken off until about 3-4 yrs ago myself. Who knew?! :boom:

I saw the eye od Sauron and an astronaut when I did this

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Just tried this and saw nothing, though I do feel something. I guess I’ll try this multiple times.

I recently started this again and I added along turning anti clockwise i turned my hand that was holding the wrist anticlockwise too, the energies shifted almost instantly, going to continue and report if I find anything interesting again.


You turned your wrist anti clockwise while moving?
Interesting :smiley:

Yeah two things:

  1. Turning my body anti clockwise while turning the wrist
  2. Convoluted af I know but, Turned both hands anti clockwise which is confusing

What’s a LHP?



Oh, gotcha.thanks👍!

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Maybe something similar for contact HGA?

I would also like to know this, can you please pm me too? :point_right::point_left:

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@Lady_Eva Can you PM me the method too.

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What are we supposed to turn the left wrist or right hand, I am just confused.
I am definetly gonna try this.

Lmao, I was just thinking of Azazel and then I see this topic.



@Lady_Eva can you send me the method, please…

Welcome @The_Seeker1. Unfortunately, Lady_Eva is no longer here, and cannot reply to you. However, her shamanism tutorial was posted:

Also, please properly introduce yourself here . It is a rule of this forum

Thank you for the reply.