Dark self - Becoming Darkness

Working heavily and intensely in the Black Magick Of Ahriman, I work with the sorcery of the path of smoke, but I mostly work with the dark alchemy in the book.

The goal is man becoming Div, Human becoming Devil, literally you take the Divs, Ahriman and Az JahI all of their energy and power into the chakras.

You blacken the chakras, but more than that they become abysmal dark portals of Dark matter, then the obsidian essence encompasses you and creates the sphere of darkness our the aura, the dark cold flames of arezurain rush through your being.

Consuming the power of that, the black flames burn through the self, destroying limitation, cleaning you of blockages and power, this darkness doesn’t only then become one with the chakras and aura and subtle bodies, but then spreads through your cells.

Normally exercises like these grounds the power in our spirtual or energetic self, but in this tome you ground it in the actual physical body.

This causes a powerful alchemical transmutation of self, sounds potent right, THIS IS ONLY ONE RITE IN THE BOOK.

After this you rise Domar and Dehak, you awaken the blackened fire of zohak, then you become the blackened sun, you peer into drugaskan, then burn all creation of limitation, from that matter of limita toon created by ahura mazda, you intake you burn the matter, allow the ash of matter to be consumed to empower the subtle bodies.

You burry items in places of holy worship, to trap the power and light of worship and limitation, you then take that and consume the power of worship, that worship then gets given to you, you get the worship you deserve as true God.

These powerful movement’s, cause extreme powerful potent alchemical transformation, I have a fondness for alchemy.

This isn’t even the full thrust of what’s in the book, but you can also perform more great things in the text, I have even learned amazing techniques and rites from the Divs and Ahriman himself.

I believe the Path Of smokes Alchemy is a key that every black magickIan need’s to unlock the merger to absolute eternal darkness, Become The Zanda, Become The Kunda and Become Div.

Yours Sincerely

Conner Kendall.


Sounds awesome @C.Kendall


Sounds edgy. Powerful, but edgy.


Its a bit like a the alchemists seeking to turn lead into gold becomes the substance he is working on as a result of the work and as a result of working the work of forming this physical gold he attains the spiritual gold as a result of effort and work put in.


Damn, now I wanna try now!


I concur. Crazy potent stuff.