Dark, parasitic entity

I am dating a new girl. My judgement is that she is telling the truth when she says that she can see very clearly into the spiritual world. She says that she rarely “looks into her dating partner” via her abilities. But she said that she did with me. She stated that what she saw terrified her more than anything that she has ever seen (and she said that she has seen a lot). She says that she sees that I have an extremely dark entity that is leeching the life force off of me. She said that she saw images of it latching onto me when I was about 2 or 3. The entity is aware that she has the ability to see it and is becoming very malicious and even more possessive of me. She said that a picture of me popped into her mind when I was that young age and it said to her, “my pretty” in reference to me. She sees horrendous amounts of violence. She stated that the entity is an extremely tortured and hateful entity that is bent on leeching off of me until there is nothing left. I have always been a very miserable person. This may explain it. Its existence also lines up with what a previous girlfriend visually saw as a “shadow person”.

She said that a general sage cleansing and such will have zero affect on my situation. She said that she will try to help me, but in the mean time I have to be very careful about letting my mind go down a dark path.

I believe that she is seeing truth. Any thoughts?


I am sorry about your situation. You are more powerful than this creature, which is why it has attached itself to you in the first place. We’re all gods who are born not knowing it, and are doing the hard work on earth to come to realise it. You should try to find hope knowing that if this creature has been with you your whole life, you will feel very different about life and yourself once it’s finally gone. You can then work on growing yourself uninhibited and you might be stronger because of it. I feel sorry for the entity leeching off you. I don’t know what can be done for it, and whether it’s just going to attach itself to someone else after you get rid of it. Good luck to you, and it as well.


Thanks for your response.

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Meditate and begin to feel your energy flow. This can be tricky but focus the energy somewhere in your head and just drop it down your spine feel the flow at this point, radiate down to your feet and expel it slowly I want you to imagine yourself on fire burning away at anything touching you. Hold it as long as possible maintain that flow it’s bizarre to say the least.

I started this when I realised I was been attacked by a parasite, it is effective short term release.

From there I suggest developing inner spirits like the natives with their spirit guide to help defend you. Energy work, spirits, and maintain a healthy life style.


I wonder if trying to communicate with the entity might help in some way… I don’t know what type of beast it is, so forgive me if my ignorance is showing through, but perhaps you could try and strike some sort of deal with it, or maybe convince it to leech onto one of your enemies. I don’t know, I’m quite sure that your options are vast… I would maybe ask your new girlfriend if she could join in a ritual to combine both of your powers in order to either communicate with the entity or banish it into oblivion.

I’m sure after so many years of feeding off you, it has probably gathered quite a bit of energy. I wonder if there is a way that you can take some of it back.


I believe that your girlfriend doesn’t get the whole picture here, but interpret what she “sees”. Any deep spirit relationship, in it’s deepest forms, is very “leeching” because of the way the spirit is connected to you. I’m 100% certain that your girlfriend would make the same misinterpreted mistake to see the same thing with me and my spirits, as with anyone else in a similar spirit relationship. Why? Because she can’t relate to the experience and doesn’t understand it’s meaning and reasons, that’s why.

These kind of things happen too often, when outer influence destroys our relationship with spirits, because what’s often seen is just a tiny fraction of what it actually means. Your girlfriend could be right, but she could also be dangerously wrong to make it worse for you by revealing this for you.


Out of curiosity, what entities do you generally work with or feel drawn to?


Thanks! Good advice.

So I have another female friend who independently stated that she also observed a very dark entity attached to me. She, too, stated similar concerns. And I just found out that on the same night my gf had her terrifying dream, this other friend did too. In it the entity was terrorizing her also in order to show the power he had to destroy her if she tried to help me further. She tried to get it’s name but it was refusing to let her learn it. She practices magick but also has a Ph.D in psychology. from a major University. She fears for my safety.

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Honestly, it sounds like a narrative designed to make this girl special and important. The world is full of things, both physical and not, waiting for an opportunity to steer your attention towards their own ends. If you don’t want to be a miserable sad sack, don’t focus on miserable thoughts.

Don’t blame demons, there’s no room for a victim’s mindset if you want to be a sorcerer. Enjoy the crazy sex while you can, then get out of there before she boils your bunny.

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