Dark or light

For one who deals with anxiety and depression, which is better to start with? Light to regenerate the spirit or darkness to face one’s weakness.

Depends on your personality, are you at a point where you can face your weaknesses and not succumb to them? Ifcthe answer is yes i would go that route since once faced and conqured you will become stronger.
If no then work the light then once you feel better prepared face the weaknesses


My coven teaches that shadow work (dark side) must be done first as there are many things holding you back from truly progressing without doing so.
Any form of shadow work is a help and can advance you.
I suggest you do both shadow and light working. Do a shadow working, then a light working and so on until you are on a more even keel. You will find where you need to be along the way.
Ensure you work with some strong guides, demons or deities.


Hello, first as Israel Regardie suggested every magician or aspirant should go to therapy, to a psychologyst since it can help you understand himself/herself better (an external view from an specialist can show us a lot from what is happening inside us)

Whether path you choose there are some grounding/centering rituals and I think they could help you, dealing with depression.

I recommend you the 4 adorations ritual which Israel Regardie exposed in some of his books, in The One Year Manual for example.

It’s a ritual to get aligned with your High Self (The Sun). What are the consequences of this? You start to get aligned with your True Will (Sun energy is Central to humanity and symbol of our High Self) and become centered. Being aligned with the Sun means you become balanced in the Tree of Life (your psychic structure).

I’ll paste the ritual afterwards

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Here you are the ritual and explanation


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That is nonsense, especially in the US where psychologists and pharmaceutical conglomerates work hand-in-hand to keep each other in business and bolster their profits. Remember that the aim of the therapists is to make you like everyone else, to condition you to be a functioning, well oiled cog in the machine of society. That which is extraordinary in an individual is taken from them in order to transform them into docile, obedient wretches without fire. The complete opposite of what a black magician is.

But given Israel Regardie’s “tribe membership” I’m not at all shocked he recommended seeing a therapist.

Here, I’ll save you some money and time. In accordance with Freudian analytical theory (that 90% of analytical therapists use as their foundation theory), I put it to you that you want to kill your father and sleep with your mother. Here is a prescription for 3 bottles of monoamine oxidase inhibitor pills, 4 bottles of selective serotonin uptake inhibitor pills, 1 bottle of tricyclic antidepressant pills and for good measure 5 small bottles of tetracyclic anti-depresent pills. See you in a month’s time when you are chemically imbalanced and ready to jump off a rooftop.


Oh yeah, it’s a nonsense if you consider Israel Regardie used to say nonsenses which is not the case since he was such a respected authority of the Golden Dawn.

Magic and psychology are sisters, if you don’t want to use either it’s ok but try to respect other people advices, you might learn something useful about others and about yourself. A good magician is a good psychologist, and any good psychologist may become a good magician. Psychologist look for answers in the soul of the people.

Kind regards and open your mind

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I don’t know what kind of new age sniff powder you have been taking but psychologist is a blanket term and psychology is a field of ultimately theoretical science that has many sub-fields. The job you are referring to is one of an Analytical Therapist (Jung, Freud, Joseph Wolf etc.). But there are other fields that have nothing to do with “looking for answers in the soul of the people”, such as Behaviourism (B.F. Skinner, John. B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov), which studies how living organisms (specifically animals and humans) react to certain stimuli and if they can be conditioned to respond to visual, verbal, auditory, kinesthetic and reward system influences.

Furthermore, psychology hasn’t had anything to do with the “soul” since Carl Gustav Jung, and even then he used it as a metaphor. It is a theoretical science that explores the mechanics of the mind, not the soul. The soul is abstract, the mind is not (although it can produce abstractions).

I do recommend professional therapy for anyone suffering from things like depression or anxiety. It helps to serve as a mirror to understand yourself.

But to answer your question, I found neither are more or less helpful than the other. What has helped me more is to look at each of the Male archetypes created by Jungian psychologists based on common themes that appear in our stories (which are the Warrior, the King, the Lover, the Magician and the Anima). I take a good hard look at myself in relationship to each archetype and try to understand if the more mature aspect or the two shadow sides of each archetype are at play in my life. It requires honesty and awareness of your social and personal behaviors. If you find that you lean more towards a shadow aspect of one of the archetypes (such as the Masochist side of the Warrior, who takes the abuse of others instead of drawing firm boundaries) then you look at your past (adult or childhood) yo find the root and address the issue. There are Boyhood archetypes as well that can help understand behavior you have a child.

Knowing all this, you can then form rituals or mediations to help trigger the psychological shift into healing. As stated previously, magic and psychology are sisters in a way. One can work very well with the other if context is understood.


This is a good reply and wise advice:+1:

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Yes, this is very useful. Old European, mythological tales such as Homer’s Odyssey and the Eddas contain many archetypes which you may find resonate with you.

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Absolutely. There also a very cool YouTube channel called Stories Like Old who covers each of the Archetypes (exception being the Anima) through modern films, as well as a number of other philosophical or psychological themes


Why not both dark and light? I started with both. I acknowledged my weaknesses, pain, fear, trauma, etc. While still looking towards the light. Spreading it to others. Meaning I gave love, compassion and wisdom, and thus it was returned to me. I multi task quite a bit so id rather be doing two things at once instead of doing one thing at a time.


Probably addding nothing to the conversation with this, but:
You shine Light on the aspects that (you on purpose) have kept in the shadows. So they can be seen and (have to be) dealt with.
You cast a shadow over the aspects that you have always presented (‘the light’) and how you’d like to imagine you are seen. That way you have to rebuild a new and balanced ‘person’.

So, enlighten the dark and dim the (false?) light

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My own experience with psychotherapy was very rewarding! in the course of a year and a half I managed to rapidly explore my whole personal history, come in terms with my past, my family, myself and society.
As a consequence, all that power I was wasting on resentments, anger and frustration became available.
Negative emotions became a source of empowerment, blocks which clogged my Astra and energy body opened, allowing a better flow of psychic energy (empowerment).
I grew more patience and loving able to handle conflicts easily and established constructive rapport with my rejected self.

Rather than seeing the Black path as a war or struggle against outside forces, I see it as an inner journey of self-mastery and through that mastery over reality.
The many years of rebellion were only a preliminary step or a phase to break socially indoctrinated shackles, but I found it easier to just let them drop.
Unlike before, I need no outside excuses or so-called authorities to rebel against to do my own will.

At some point, my psychotherapist started to manipulate me into some kind of a sheep(they do that!).
I cut loose and moved on to deeper more advanced system such as NLP, Timeline therapy, Guided imagination and Tantra, which is a great way of getting rid of shame, sexual inhibition and sexual tension.
With Tantra, I learned to appreciate and work with Lust in a mature and unbinding way.
NLP is totally LBM, teaching how to overpower people by using charisma and rapport, how to achieve Life goals and overcome any obstacles on the way to become an empowered self-reliant person.

Why it is so important?
Simply because it is the quickest, easiest way to achieve self-empowerment.
As a rule of thumb achieving things through LBM saves a lot of magical energy and I do recommend taking therapy seriously.

In a more technical sense, raising energy will hit emotional and mental blocks which hinders the result of GMB from manifesting and may cause lots of personal and interpersonal friction.
Why then not to directly address it and by that increase the effectiveness and overall well being?

There is more to it in relation to demonology but I rather keep it for a different post :slightly_smiling_face:

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