Dark Alchemy

What is meant by ‘Dark Alchemy’ and how to get it?


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“Light” alchemy is usually about merging more into the qualities of love, light, peace, purity etc., and about removal of egoic drives and reduction in anger, aggression, lust etc. I mean not always, but if you did a venn diagram of the different qualities of different kinds of alchemy, those would be common things.

Dark alchemy can be (depending on if a system defines it in a specific way) about facing down all those things and mastering them as toolsd of will, to be indulged (but not enslaved by) as you choose, so that your darker aspects are a source of power and expeirences.

For example, someone lives next door and makes a noise for days on end, so you gather all your anger and hate and confront them, not losing control but letting them clearly see the rage within you, to intimidate them into stopping - then you go home perfectly at peace and pet the cat, instead of being trapped in the rage and kicking him!

Things that transmute your darkness into power, in other words, at least that’s my take on it from what spirits showed and told me.


@Vovin Envocation, Possession and Invocation with Demons and other Dark Entities. Kunda yoga. Working with the Black Sun etc. are all things that I would look into. Also, Sorath (or Surtr), Loki, and Azi Dahaka are entities that are well known for this.

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