Dante's giveaway?


Many people have messaged me via Become a Living God forum. I thank you very much for your messages, comments, etc. You have also be inquiring about the Facebook giveaway I am doing. To qualify for this giveaway you must do the following: Friend me on Facebook:


then PM me via Facebook saying you want in the giveaway.

A word of caution: No I will not tell you what the Prize is until someone wins. Do not take part in this, if you do not want Power in your Lives. After all, you all have said you want to become a Living God. The Drawing will be done tonight JULY 16, 2012. The winner will be contacted via Facebook as will the details of the Prize when the winner, well, WINS!!!

If you are unable to participate this time around, do not fret as there will be more in the future!!!


Hope I won


Same here


ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Freddy Barbosa! You are the lucky winner of this drawing! You have won a copy of “Questing After Visions” by E.A. Koetting and an open Sigil of the Demonic Circle of Pacts on a 6 inch cloth. It will be opened and bound to you, as all of my Ritual Relics are.

Thank you all for participating, and don’t forget me for Consultations, Ritual Work and Ritual Relics!!!