Dante’s Conversion


Interview: https://youtu.be/HpRm-D_dMrs

She asks the question that prompts him to talk about it at 1:55:15.


I did this when the New Age became all to Unicorn and Rainbowshit to me.

Ohh boy… did I learn.

Yeah this is why I think Abiel might be just trying to go into hiding and just using Christianity as a front. At some point in your ascent, running away just isn’t possible. I guarantee if he is a Christian, it’s more likely white magick than any kind of dogmatic faith, even if he could manage to convince himself otherwise.

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Well, i wouldn’t Say he’s automatically going forward with white magick just becouse he prays.
That’s the funny thing, i tried to explain it a few times to several people, yet, many didn’t get to understand / have it stick in.
There is actual differences between the worldly religious systems, and some are built to suppress and work of off each other.
I’d say after the grade of dark power Dante achieved, he had the guidience of one side expierienced, and needed to fill in blanks of the other side.
Again, the simple mindset of black vs. white, good vs. evil is somewhat bullshit.

True adeptcy is contribuited countless time in gimoires and books with the fact of being able to adjust view and see more then just one possible standpoint.
the Buddist line “if it’s good for the mass, it’s good in general” somewhat attributes to that.
ever noticed how much E.A. Stresses his “building of an Empire”?
There’s nothing to Gouvern, when everyone is free and equal.
He actually stressed that at some point. :wink:
I had seen him through in that area very soon from the beginning when i encountered his works.
He haves ha craving hunger for Power and dominance. (common male / and also Common Demonic Trademarks.)
He mentioned in some video’s how impressively woman sometimes exceed by far, how violent and brutal man are.
And, there’s truth in that aswell.
Just think of the term “the most dangerous Animal is a Woman Protecting her Children.”


I didn’t say he’s doing white magick because he prays😂
The whole point of what I was saying was that he can’t just be praying. He has enough experience and self-transformation in magick that, whatever spirituality he’s involved with right now, he’s applying it in an occult formula. He has to be. There’s no way he isn’t.

As for the white magick part, I only say that because Christianity is classically defined as such, for both its priest hierarchy and its utilization of strictly light beings, and none else. Christianity could be black magick, sure. Depends on who’s using it. But the fact that Dante was last reported advising E.A. to “find god”; it’s white magick. Lol

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I’m not familiar with Dante’s work but from what i heard it’s pretty powerful and equally as dangerous.

As for “white” magic there are many similarities to the methods of magic utilized by occultists. Such as censors for incense, Altars, Temple, Candle Magic, Offerings, Robes, Staff’s, Chanting and of course invocations.

All of these are present in the Eucharist and Catholicism as a whole. They even venerate relics of saints and other famous figures in their religion.
Most if not all of these things are found in magic praxis.

The only difference being (as I’ve heard other people mention on this forum) between Demons of darkness and Angels of light are that Demons don’t adhere to a moral hierarchy like the Angels do.

And as for praying when done by skilled practitioners or learned Priests can be quite powerful.
To quote a few line from Enochian Magic In Practice By Frater Yechidah-
The potency of prayer is captured in the following quotation from Eliphas Levi:

" A word is a requisite formula of thought, an act is an exhibition of will. This is why prayer is a necessity, and may obtain all that it asks. A prayer is a perfected act of the will, it is a link connecting the human words with the divine will. All ceremonies, consecrations, ablutions, and sacrifices are prayers in action, and are symbolic formulas; and they are the most potent prayers because they are translations of word into action, showing will power and persistence, seeing that they require more constrained attention than silent prayer, or prayer expressed in words; and so they constitute real work, and such work demands a man's whole energy. "

So it would not surprise me if Dante went down that route especially considering what he’s gone through. and once you do these things you leave significant mark on the mind body and soul.

As I say sometimes “You can’t take the Magi out of Magic.”


I hear ya. I have Dante’s book but I’ve refrained from reading through all of it, just because it’s really tempting to go that route, but I don’t want the same results he got. As for invocation, that’s definitely a powerful way of raising power and also one of my favorites. That’s probably because of my Christian upbringing tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dante Abiel goes under Andrew Pike the last time I looked him up. I found him on face book 3/4 years ago. It’s true he has converted to Christianity , but he was pleasant enough to answer a question I had on a NDE I had.

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Forgive me to resurrect an old topic, but as far as I know, pressures in the occult community and harassment might have been why he chose a clean slate. I am not sure if it caused rifts in his marriage or if his wife had something to do (no idea either if his wife was a sorceress or her views on Dante’s activities).

This is just talking from hazy memory but I think it went that some people took offense to his book, either because it was too hardcore for them or felt that they were a greater authority than Dante in Necromancy. While they’re now defunct, back in the day BALG had a lot of Facebook groups and other detractors, and you know how it goes, some fancied themselves hackers too.