Dante’s Conversion

Anyone have any insight as to why Dante Abiel converted to Christianity? Reading his material, he’s experienced a lot of intense shit. Right now I’m only 2 and a half years into legitimate occultism, and I already know that even if I did return to Christianity, it would never be what I once knew it to be. “Worship” would now be invocations and conjurations. “Prayer” would be performed like spellcasting. I just can’t think it’s possible that Abiel has become a legitimate believer of that irritating religion. He has to be carrying out his new “faith” as some form of white magick. Perhaps he’s going through a fanatic-phase like E.A.’s, as he described it in Evoking Eternity:

“In the few years preceding this religious conversion that I had spent in deep Satanic and demonic studies, I had learned to summon, to view, and to effectively communicate with diverse entities, focusing my attention mainly on demons and pre-Judaic archetypes. Crossing over, I merged this ability with my newfound ‘faith’ and, ridding myself of disbelief in the face of my fanaticism, had called upon the angels and had had them manifest to me, usually either through internal vision or, if they manifested physically, a single angel would descend to minister as it would.”

What do you think? Is Dante drinking the kool-aid? Or is he just practicing occultism under a different name?


I wondered the same thing when I read about his conversion. My guess is that he just couldn’t handle the intense energies he was working with and ultimately capitulated back to his childhood security blanket of Christianity. Kinda sad really.

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Well Christianity is magic, depending on if he’s Catholic or protestant it’s eitheratholic golden dawn esoteric or protestant Zen buddism.

I don’t blame him to an extent, if you look into what he has gone threw and has had happen I don’t know how I would react. Hense why I did not go into that path of necromancy. If you have not read the book it is powerful and intense. Some crazy shit, I think that is the only book to date I would call “evil and dangerous” but I would not say to anyone they could not or should not check it out. For me I found it a bit to much, but still very informative and worth a read.

I don’t know if this helps or not but something to think about.

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It is sad. But if you notice, he’s kind of a masochist to begin with. Maybe he needs the safety blanket after putting himself through what I think is kind of an unnecessary degree of suffering.

He did deal with a lot of intense shit, without a doubt. Necromancy for sure, but also his demonic experiences illustrated in the Book of Azazel.

I think those paths and experiences are totally valid. But maybe Dante wasn’t ready for it? E.A. claims to have accepted his former faith as a learning phase, and is a big proponent of enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Dante on the other hand seemed to always be trying to destroy himself in some way or another. I’ve been through a lot of “burnout” phases myself, definitely not as intense as Dante, but enough to think that all of that needless suffering eventually gets to you.

Like, why would you keep doing something that makes you feel like shit. Ya know?

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Well if we look at what kind if necromancy he stumbled on or was chosen to follow it is some intense shit. As you said the whole of necromancy is but that path and to let in a death god. So he ran back to mostlikly remove himself from the death current. This might be a current that unless you have nothing to loose and really don’t care about yourself then it works but that I am guessing is a small amount of us. As E.A. said live life to the fullest as you stated and when you are around death it’s not for the faint of heart.

As a former black magician he has knowledge that can make Christianity actually useful rather than a waist of time and emergy.

As for why do something that hurts you, that seems to be magick in a nutshell. All the gods of the RHP or LHP seem to do this . But tge power in his work was next level and extremely powerful. Just think of all you could learn and do with that, but match it up with what you will give up. I think if we find a balance in the work it could be very useful but that would take some time to figure out.

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No, totally. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense. And it’s true, on any magickal path there must be sacrifice in order to reach real levels of power. A lot of people will stop with Candle Magick or content themselves with occult theory and meditation instead of pursuing great heights of raw, verifiable power. Some of the stuff Abiel describes being able to do is mind-blowing, but yeah. He went through hell to get there. And like you said, and like E.A. has proven, being a former black magician makes you able to do things with Christianity that would make the average church-goer wet with oceans of envy.

Maybe it’s a good thing for him, who knows :o


Yeah at least get the death spirits out of you. The thought that it rots you from the inside is kinda creepy. Like a horror movie.

It really is creepy. I could only imagine waking up in the middle of the night queezy, my bones aching, the feeling of a stale, gripping cold swallowing the room and gripping my very soul… Knowing I’m the only one I know who has combined these paths — knowing that if I don’t know a way out, no one else does, and there likely isn’t one. I’m gonna die.

No :joy::joy:idk, that’s how I imagine it. But like yeah man, at least cleanse yourself. Every system can go wrong if you’re not careful, and I’ve at least read material a few well known magicians who practiced necromancy and were just fine.

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I can’t even find any recent info on Dante/Andrew. He could be fakin’.

Ya know, that thought occurred to me. Like what if he’s just in cognito right now?

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I have no direct insight into Daniel’s choice (and if i would, i’d be careful, if not even oath bound wether to share it.)
That being said.

I’ve seen Sorcerers and Warlocks convert.
Into different paradigms.
First of all, the expierience he gathered -and shared- clearly goes beyond a single religion.
Yet, on the outside tab, having the christian tag on the passport can bring importend buisness and social effects.
Don’t forgett, that most Occult actually is performed by people who have another face to the main stream comunity.

Currently i serve at the local Guns and Sportwear fair in my country.
Politically i’m officially at the opposing side to military and Gun-trafficing.
The decision to refuse military training came in my case,
exactly before the Law regarding military service was changed.
I never claimed that to be my success.
However, it definately falls into the success of my family, since they worked in the anti-military political movement decades before me.
My dad however was helping people continue to live or go, for an similar amount of time.
He was teached medicine and high precision architecture of machinery in his young years, prior to 35+ years of working in Elderly Care.
I’ve always known he haves several aspects, his sheer knowledge was just unworldly.
In his retirement he turned to projects like calculating pi, using new (or rather said, uncommen) math, disproving Plato.
In his original pharmacist aprenticeship, he was trained at salomon and solomon.
I’ve seen him do a lazarus rebirth. :wink:
And in the case of Dante, i’d say he’s propably on the christian route currently, becouse he found something inside of it, that helps him.
I’ve seen people rambling about their warfare and proud honourship, and stuff.
And i’ve been aware of how that can bring someone down in a bad spot easily.
look, on my passport i’m a katholic christian aswell.
Some people, know me much better.
Some people, know i can do stuff that goes far beyond that banner.
But it haves benefits, to be in aliance with the christian forces.
(plus, especialy for a Warlock, it helps a lot to stand firmly between his targets.)



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To give you a picture of the media effect that a convertion can have.
I’ve actually even seen demons actively using that tool of “revealing” (in a different case),
to show off their power directly to christians.
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i love this here. xD

full on Brainwashed!!!

yaah, serve the Lord. xD
Father Sun. Father Luciferus. He actually hasn’t forgotten^^ :sunny:
Leviatem Nocturni at impera de la Sol.
Be a vessle!


I was gonna post a “The Devil was my Daddy Guy” video!

There are plenty of groups out there where you HAVE to be Christian, Married, Hetero-Normative to outsiders.


As E.A. once mentioned:
If you want real dreadful cruelty, look closer on these monotheistic religions.
you’ll find that they’re stuffed full with slaughtering, Female repression, child abuse, etc.

just reminded me so lovely on:

(lucifer contacted me when i heard that song a few years back.)

Sooooo I was able to find an interview with E.A. Koetting where he briefly discusses Dante’s conversion. He basically warned Dante to not deal with the dead as his sole purpose, that it would have detrimental physical effects (and it did). And succeeding that, Dante hopped directly into some dark and intense forms of demonic magick. The last he heard from Abiel, he was telling E.A. “You need to repent and find God.” He’s cut off all connections, shuns his own works, and, in Koetting’s words, “ran the other way in fear for his life.”

E.A. said that Dante’s system is somewhat good, but that one of its major flaws is that you can’t work primarily with the dead in your ascent without catalyzing a rapid decay of your physical body. You’ll die. And I’m glad I came across that, because I’m tip-toeing around necromancy right now, and poking it with a stick, and going, “is it safe tho” :joy:


@Drip care to post a link to the interview?

It’s pretty common to see occultists run back to mainstream religion when they’re spooked.

They just didin’t see the meaning behind it.