Dante Abiel

Hello All,

Many have been asking about me in this forum. Please remember I am always available to aid those who need help with their Ascent. I offer many services. Feel free to visit my site dantesinfernal.com (which will be updated shortly) and my email address danteabiel@gmail.com.

I look forward to helping many!!!

Dante Abiel

Hello Dante!
I’m one of the members who is fairly new to EAs work, and yours as well. So I really appreciate this post, where I come every day! It’s thoughtful of you to make it so convenient if we should find ourselves in need. And too, I think it just does us good to hear from you from time to time. I always smile when I see your name somewhere in the post log!
Always, Zoe

Hey Dante! Nice to see you over here :wink:

Greetings & Salutations

Hi Dante, nice to meet you. i was one of the ones who was like “who is this dante i hear everyone speaking of”. nice to finally put a “face”’ to the legend.

Hello Dante how do we get to your site i went to it and it says site suspended