Dantalion helping me with my passions

Hi all,

I attempted to evoke Duke dantalion a few weeks ago after doing research on him/her and finding out thingd they like etc.
I planned to work with the Duke as I have been working on a personal project (podcast) and read of their powers to influence, as well as aiding in gaining knowledge which were the main things that I sought help in (can’t remember word for word as my notes are not with me but I asked for help with growing my new podcast once it launches and basically attracting others to it)
After being specific with what I asked I noticed when I did evoke him I did not see a figure per say as many on this forum have shared. As I muttered the enn my candles which I lit a few minutes ago weny out one by one as if something or someone had put it out with their fingers, the room quickly felt like their was a static energy but I was not scared. I felt this was a sign I had been heard,i waited a bit longer incase Duke dantalion would show me another sign but I only noticed the jasmine incense I had burned had been moving in a slightly unusual manner. Since my evocation I have managed to finish up my first episode and will be uploading on the new year, I give thanks to Duke dantalion now just for the motivation I felt the weeks after my evocation to be more driven towards my project and even though I have released episodes I know Duke dantalion has approved as I am more drive than ever to get it out. I have been brining jasmine for them since the evocation and I am writing this post as a dedication to express my gratitude, thanks and respect for the Duke in advance as the small signs are already there so I am very excited. I have created this account to give thanks publicly as I promised to do so.

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