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So I want to thank Dantalion so so much for helping me in this situation and for his patience.I asked help from other demons they just didn’t wanna help, it’s okay I accept it. He helped right away. And I had so strong visions and lucid dreams after contacting him. Like never before. He helped me into changing the thoughts of this person, and it was literally impossible and hard because this is a very stubborn person. Once again proves how powerful he is :pleading_face::pray::sob: Im still going to keep working with him towards this person.We get along pretty well​:sob: Sometimes when I try to hurry the process I get instant weird thoughts like telling me: Be patient don’t hurry it you will fu*k it up.
And Dantalion is right I usually fuck the process up by trying to force fast results🤦🏻‍♀️Anyway I met with this boy, he grabbed my hand…I was shocked he even kissed me😭and he said we will meet again to hang out. Still he doesn’t want a relationship with me… But Im holding all my hopes on Dantalion


Update: So me and this boy are going on a no contact period now it’s day 2, I got the feeling from Dantalion that I should go no contact i had this message in my head , love can grow only when there’s distance,and desire, plus me with my pushy,needy energy (i call it needy energy lol) With this energy I would only push him away even more.
Anyway I had many lucid weird dreams in one of them I saw him texting me and calling me, and now I still have this very strong feeling he will contact me.But I can’t contact him because i will ruin everything . It’s a strong feeling ,I told him to only contact me if he WANTS A RELATIONSHIP with me*-* (im also using law of attraction plus Dantalion’s help to make this work <3 )

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Hi! You sound like you’re doing well. I never had any kind of reaction, let alone result from Dantalion. I hope you’re luckier.


I also tried to contact Dantalion before to help me manipulate some people to help me and no answer. Honestly I believe as he/they is very wanted by practitioners it gets really busy. Maybe persistence is the key. :slight_smile: I don’t think Dantalion didn’t want to help you or me before, imagine so many voices of nowhere summoning you calling you for help all at once. Well it’s very powerful but still :))) ( just my opinion i don’t know if it’s true)

I had some great results with Dantalion, He’s one of my favorites!!!
I got 151 initiation from Jareth Tempest’s etsy and it boosted my connection with him.
After a huge result I got the message…
“Sorry it took me a long time to break through the complicated barrier”

Tip for offering; he likes pure honey

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Nahhh This boy just revealed to me he thinks he has left a girl pregnant a few weeks ago :+1::smiling_face_with_tear: I wanna die

Okay. Okay. please, don’t say that. Let’s calm down.
Dantalion did f’ing help you by making him reveal that stuff and it is better to know than not to know. It’s over.
Time to curse.

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I think this unwanted pregnancy is all he needs as a curse. He said he doesn’t love the girl and he doesn’t want a relationship/marriage with her. He’s only 20 and I can’t believe it’s true Dantalion really helps you by revealing secrets​:sob::sob::sob:

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I’m really sorry Iona Cristina :frowning:
I understand that this hurts you a lot. God I can’t imagine if that would be me hearing it about my person of interest I wouldn’t know what to do.
Dantalion did you a favor in his way by telling revealing this. and you are right in the end, this man got what he deserved. He’ll have to face his own situation now. And you, I hope you heal and start to feel better. stay strong. Your family, friends and us on the forum are here <3

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

★Update★I was really wondering why after the beautiful amazing date things didn’t get further to move into a relationship. With Dantalion’s help.(Thank you Dantalion​:heart::pensive:) It was revealed this boy has left a girl pregnant a few weeks ago. I talked to him more about this and he said he doesn’t love her and he hates her and wants to get rid of her from his life and doesn’t want anything to do with her or her baby but he also said he doesn’t want me. Pretty mean and heartless. Anyway I don’t know where this would go… So I thought to give up on this work with Dantalion because this boy talked very RUDE to me today, I just tried to support him and be there for him as a friend but he’s also rejecting my friendship and threatened to block me. Anyway I’m still grateful to Dantalion for that beautiful day when I met the guy and we kissed and all even though at the time he was hiding the horrific thing from me :pensive:


That girl is not pregnant my ex is a lying piece of shit. Thank you Dantalion again :sweat_smile::hugs:

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