Dantalion giving me signs ?!

So I’ve recently been working with dantalion for about 2 weeks trying to establish a relationship. Whether it be meditation on his enn from time to time and also trying evocations and speaking with him time to time.

And the evocation have been going good in my opinion but what I’m here to ask if this is a sign from him… okay here it is.

I made a petition to dantalion to bring my ex girlfriend back to change the mind of her and how she feels towards me we got into a big argumentative fight and she blocked me we hav not spoke in 4 month but during the 4 months I was just getting my head right and discovered dantalion.

After trying evocation with him and talking with him. I recently found out about pendulums and working with pendulums and spirits.

I used my pendulum to ask question and i asked him what does she look like. Like questions as “does she have blue eyes or brown eyes” or does she have the bear I bought her still and I’ve gotten nothing but correct answers. So I decided to ask him can he give me a sign on my petition of her and he accepted.

Now later days roll by and I’m checking my email for numerous things like clearing spam and what not. And I came across a email that I supposedly sent to myself and the email was highlighted as like I’ve never opened it before.

When I opened the email I was shocked to see 2 photos of my ex wile we were on FaceTime along time ago and I know there is no way I sent these photos to my email as I’ve deleted them already awhile ago.

I just find it strange that I never remember having images of her on my email nor sending them to myself but I took this as a sign from him.

Please tell me your thoughts on this it would be really appreciated!

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This is a complete sign, keep on working with him and yourself. You are on the correct path.

Take care.


I would definitely take this as a sign. But you know best. Did it stand out, jump out to you when you saw it?

What does your gut say?

P.S. Duke Dantalion is an awesome spirit. He’s very potent and capable and his manifestations are in your face. Good stuff.

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When I saw it my ears started to ring and it was like tunnel vision with me and the photos I usually get that feeling when I meditate with him but yes I did feel sum

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