Dantalion, first time experience

Hey all! Long time since I’ve been active on here. Not long ago, for some reason I pulled up the tab for this forum again. Didn’t check it, just pulled it up. It’s been very long since I called forth any new spirits, as I’ve been comfortable with my current ones and building their relationships. I eventually started going through the forums periodically again, and kept finding topics about Dantalion. Did my research, and they seem like a very lovely being. I was in a situation that was perfect for the use of them, and was mysteriously drawn back here, so I decided to get out my sigil working items and candles. As well as basic offering of water and then honey, (which I heard was a good specific offering for Dantalion.) Drew the sigil, lit the candle, chanted the enn, and waited.
Almost immediately felt a very heavy weight across all of my body, and it weighed me down. Quite literally, weighed me down- I had to get on my knees to stay focused and continue. I felt weak, tired, got goosebumps, and felt an enormous weight across my energy this entire time. It did not go away for the entire experience, but I persevered and told them of my predicament and why I was coming to them. I told them of my offerings, how I was already putting my own effort into my issue, and that I just needed a little push and wisdom.
Even after ending the call, I had felt like I was drugged almost. Tired, everything was in slow motion, groggy. All the weight that was on my body during the ceremony eventually centred in on my heart chakra.
I began to cry, and heard a voice tell me, “it’s okay to cry.” About 45 minutes after ending, I finally started to feel back to normal.

All in all it was a very confusing, thrilling, mysterious experience. I’m not sure if Dantalion disliked me, was testing me, or was such a strong being that my energy wasn’t ready for. I would love to see this relationship bloom, though. I’m excited to see where this leads.


That’s a really cool Duke Dantalion experience. He’s a very mysterious spirit that’s for certain. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Could just be an energy overload. Dantalion is chill, in my estimation. A bit aloof and cold at first, but opened up quickly. I’ve noticed his/her energy tends to stick around for a while afterwards as well, although in my case it tends to be a lovely euphoric calm and a sense of “all will be well”. Keep working with him, he is a good confidant.


That was my experience also. I wondered if he didn’t like me at first. You just gotta get to know him is all.