Sorry bud your inbox is full.

Your reading itself along with the photo of the spread will be posted here as well unless I am able to PM you by the time your reading is complete. You will receive, as usual, as detailed a reading as you have come to expect from me.

In light of the somewhat private nature of your inquiry, if I should have to post it here, I will respectfully limit that which I publicly reveal, as to enlighten you with as much insight as I am able without compromising your privacy in this delicate matter.

If you see this before I return in a few hours, please PM me if you have cleared space in your inbox to make way for my impending message!

[Quote=Intended PM]Okay. I have been delayed for the last time. I am doing it today, Lucifer bearing witness to this solemn promise.

I am heading to my parent’s house, I will have lots of time to lounge around and be lazy today so I will be doing it today for certain.

Even though this is free and everything I have kept you waiting long enough, you have trusted me with your readings more than anyone else here and I feel bad having kept you waiting so long… Alas, no more.

Hey I captured the serpent entity for you last night, let me know how that goes.

Defectron, having assisted Dani with this matter myself, I am curious about this entity that has been the subject of Dani’s concerns of late; might you possibly be able to tell me anything you know about this spirit?

It’s strong enough that my allies seem to think it’s worth my time capturing it. Whats interesting is they said I shouldn’t do that secret shit I usually do to put unruly spirits under my control. So there may be something more to this guy. I’ll have to wait and see what I’m supposed to do with it.

Secret shit? I am curious!