Dangers of Simon necromonicon

Hey everyone I am willing to work with Simon necromonicon but eveyone says it’s dangerous so I have 3 qns regarding this

  1. What are the dangers working with Simon necromonicon

  2. Why it is dangerous if we do exactly the same according to book.

3.if anything goes wrong what can we do to protect us ,I have heard sword banishing and other banishing don’t work,or cleansing bath,kindly help me if smthn goes wrong what can I do.
Thnx guys

In MY experience, I’ve had much more success with Lovecraftian magick than with the things listed in that book, if we talk about Necronomicon. However, a big part of that is because I had a very bad experience with Sumerian/Babilonian paganism, that current is my handbook of what not to do in the occult. Friends of mine used that book and became a little stagnant because of giving it much more importance than it deserves (they swore by it like Jehova’s witnesses by the Bible), they deprived themselves from learning stuff that years later proved to be better for them. Not saying that it doesn’t work, just saying that swearing by it too much or trying too much with it would be time wasted that could be used in learning more complete systems and more universal knowledge


Can u tell me any protection method if anything goes wrong with necromancy?? I am gonna look forward in lovecraftian magick also

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Which book did you use of was it just general evocation?

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General evocation and some spells. I didn’t know much in those times. A friend from those times stood in that system for a couple years more and studied more, but I was already into Qabalah and found his stuff incomplete and unproductive, it took me three years to convince him to learn Qabalah, and now he is a solid magus who found his inner promised land


Thanks for sharing.

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The demon Biffrons is good for necromancy. Also, archangel Michael is good for protection. When I do necromancy, I ask my succubus to patch me through, she knows if things will go right or wrong. Your HGA can patch you through as well

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Thnx a lot

Do u think I can ask for michael protection before doing necromancy ritual or should I do demons of magick protection like calling Uriel from north,Raphael from south ,michael from East and Gabriel from West and from above metatron,can I do that type of ritual 1st?

Are u sure you want tat path, norhing wrong but try daemonic dreams tey have 2 books, also carl nagel has 1 book call The old ones by Scorpio. In daemonic store, i tnk is Lovecraft stile. Carl is necronomicon its a few post all around… For interesting info. Most of the necro. Lovecraft is more likely, American stuff. Tru i found spme vwry vague info in Europe magic and very closed, not like open but not like great magick either,

i want to do some baneful work on my enemy , in past i have tried demons of goetia,i felt presence 4,5 times , i have seen on this site people say its potent stuff and quick so i wanna know this also, have u done any work with necromancy?? if yes kindly give me some insight. :grinning: