Dangerous egragore

It would seem that according to 2 demonolator colleagues , I accidentally created an egragore out of my fears. It is impersonating Orobas. Now I never know if I’m speaking to it or Orobas. How the hell do I banish this thing? It seems to be finding things to scare me with with random scary thoughts popping into my mind to see how I react. Also some of my fears have physically manifested. What do I do here?

I thought I had completely gotten over my fears of demons , but I guess some of them have surfaced that I was unaware of. Up until this time, my confidence was almost impregnable. Now with this I am shook,

How do I banish it?

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Okay so 1 that would be a thoughtform created by your own fears, egregore generally are a group creation.

2 you can banish it like any other spirit, i recommend doing so daily for at least 40 days.

3 Preform an Uncrossing ritual to undo any bindings or crossed conditions it put on your and take actions in the opposite direction of whatever it was feeding on. Usually this is as simple as taking fearless actions towards your goals, but as simple as it is it isn’t always easy.

4 stick to simple magick for the 40 days, candle spells, knot spells, poppet spells, energy work, ect. Stuff that only involves your own power. In this way any thoughts that seem off track from this program you can distinguish from yours and what the thoughtform is putting there and banish it.


I will look up uncrossing rituals and get informed. Thank you for your help.

What I did was more simple. I had a picture of him from an old grimoire that no longer reflects my understanding of who he really is. By focusing on that image with enough attention it charged the picture with my fears I gave it life accidentally.

I threw out the picture so it wasn’t being charged any more and replaced it with a statue of a benevolent horse.

Problem solved! No more feeding of the false image so…it dissipated.