Dancing Candle Flames

Even though I am not personally performing and working as hard and effectively as I want to; just got too much mundanities in my path. I had been noticing in my Evokation/Invokation work with Belial, that I have been getting Particularly High Candle Flame on the candle with his Dukante sigil carved in it- and the flame kinda ‘slow dances’ while i am entoning his Enn, but when I get to ‘Vefa’ the flame rises and dances far more vigourously- and i have begun usinf 3 candle- but still only one with his sigil, but one other of them does the exact same thing at the exact same time. If I end the Enn Entonation, after a minute or so, the flame shrinks down, as I simply discuss things. But then I will begin again at a random time and it begins all over again.
i feel kinda badly as it is a good time to do other things- but i am not equipped for what I want to do. i know Belial is there and responding; and though I am glad and appreciative, i was listening to Nineveh Shadrach tonight, and he mentioned the flame dancing thing- it was kinda cool as I have never encountered it being said or read it before- up till then it was kinda my own experiance. Glad though i am progressing. Thanks to all of you; and in many special ways for her Seeric Assistance to The Lady Eva- can’t even think of Belials name without her Light Adding to the Visage.
Thanks and Hail to my Wonderful Mentor and Friend Belial! Just have to say it publicly!

I had similar experiences with Belial and the candle flames and now it has been a regular experience when working with most spirits.

If I may ask why do you not feel “equipped” to do what you want with Belial?
He’s obviously responding to you so therefore IMO he feels you’re ready for what it is you want.

Now I can’t guarantee this will work for you because everyone’s experiences with spirits are different, but here’s what I did to take it a step further with Belial.

Arrange an altar for his with a black candle on the left and a red one on the right.Get yourself a small cardboard square which you can find at most hobby shops along with a small plate holder.

Annoimt the sigil with your blood and have a glass of whiskey And some incense as offerings.

Lay out your circle and place the altar in the north.
There’s a PDF of an invocation of Belial.
Just Google 'Belial invocation PDF".

Perform any energy raising and/or banishing rituals you prefer but make sure you raise a lot of energy as this ritual left me drained.

Begin to call on Belial using whatever conjuration you prefer including his Penn.

Once you have your sign that he’s there begin reciting the invocation.

With each word let your voice become louder and commanding as Belial IME doesn’t respong to mild conjurations as well as when you’re entering your God state.
That’s how he likes to be approached.

About a third of the way through the recitation of the invocation pull your xicle up off the ground and hurl it across the room tearing away all imaginary boundaries between you and Him.

Increase the ferocity in your voice and depending on how well you perceive spiritual presencethe room will grow tthick with the power of his coming. (This is why I said raise a lot of energy before the ritual).

In my experience with this ritual I started hearing popping sounds and green and red energy began to flash and fly across the Temple until I saw a shadow whirl around until it flew above me and descended into my crown.

I had a friend helping push Belial into me who saw the shadow enter me and watched as my face was no longer human.

Belial spoke a few words through me then departed before I even dismissed him.
All the things he said through me happened even though it took me awhile to figure it bout because of his words being so cry tip.Something about prepare to be cleanse by Hellfire.

Oh and I didn’t use a materialation base.
Just me calling and Him responding.

So my point is don’t think you’re not ready because if he’s responding then he’s awaiting your command and seeing how far you’re ready to take this relationship.

You might want to call upon him to ask for some familiars to help prepare you for the ascendancy he offers
He appointed me a familiar who just by chanting his name raised my energy within seconds.
All I did was chant Belials Enn and just used my familiar’s name

Anyway hope my rant was of some help to you!
Good luck and keep us posted!