Damon Brand's Words of Power

Hey All,

Thought I would mention this little book which I have recently had some success with.

I was caught in a lovely governmental Catch-22 in which my medical employment insurance was being taken to payback the income assistance (welfare) I had previously received, which left me unable to pay my rent.

I haven’t had much success with spirit sigils for money, nor Damon Brand’s Cashbook, but on Wednesday afternoon I used the rituals in this book to “End Bad Luck,” and “To Attract Generosity From Others.” That day I received $50 from my family.

Today, I received $400 from employment insurance, money I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO RECEIVE! I would call that a success :slight_smile: Though the amount was not enough to pay all of my rent, the 3/4 payment did relieve a lot of stress.

I will definitely experiment more with the book :slight_smile:


How was the process … I follow the book process
And I feel like I don’t get the result I want because
My emotional is that strong
Maybe I will experiment
With saying the mental emotion instead of going through a emotional transmutation which I find difficult for me.

The key to the Gallery of Magick system is the emotional transmutation. Without it, it will not work.


That might be the reason why
I don’t feel like the are working for me


Yea, yea, I got this book last week. Just started using it. :star_struck:


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Everytime I read one of these I think to myself: how does he know if they haven’t made an intro? Do you have some super awesome memory and remember everyone who makes an intro or do you go to their profile and check to see if the made one? Or maybe you go to their profile do a search for a reply in that thread from their profile or something like that?


For me, U$400,00 is a huge success. If I get $10,00 that I didn’t expect I consider this a success also.

I believe that is the secret of the wealth flow. You start being happy and grateful for the few that comes into your pocket out of nowhere and that starts to happen very often. It works for me.

Also, GOM methods are the best for me until now. I read a lot of books but I always had some success on some scale utilizing GOM books.

Magickal Cashbook is a must for me. Demons of Magick too.

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I haven’t tried this too much myself, but what really interests me about this magick is that it can be used “on the fly” if you’ve already done the ritual once before. You just have to say the first and last words in your mind, and the magick can be done anytime, instantly.

I’d be curious to see if demonic names could be used in a similar fashion as well for some on-the-spot influencing or seduction or what-have-you. I think I may try that out sometime, see what works.

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Anyone willing to post these rituals for those whom can’t afford the books (such as myself, redundant I know)

That would be against forum rules on copyright, because it would go beyond the terms of “fair use.”

I have the cash book also, I’ve gotten some success out of it but I haven’t used it in awhile. Do you think I can come back to it after not using it for awhile? Idk why but I feel weird doing that.

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Sure . I did

Sure, why not? :man_shrugging:

Just did the “end bad luck” ritual using a van van oil candle, Im really feeling good vibes from the working. This is some of the lighter magick I’ve worked lately to balance the heavy dark stuff I’m usually into. Did I mention that van van oil smells amazing? Lol

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I have a question to people familiar with the book. Can I use exactly the same technique devised for the rituals in Part One for the rituals in Part Two? In the introduction to Part Two the author mentions that the process for rituals contained therein may be a little simplified, but the slightly more elaborate process mentioned in the introduction to Part One (with scanning the outer letters and attuning ritual) lets me to get in the mood of the ritual better.

I don’t see why not. Try it and see.

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In your best knowledge it shouldn’t adversely affect the efficiency of it right?

No. The Gallery techniques are pretty compatible with each other.

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