Damon Brand's Mystical Words of Power - a good place to start...again

Been a little while since I posted or visited the forum here but felt the need to do it today after a short ritual using the book above.

I’ve only recently started reading this book but I have already felt a shift in things since starting the initial rituals - The Attuning Ritual and the Perception Ritual.

After some thought on what Damon says therein it really does seem a great place to begin or in my case renew my journey using this book. I am currently working on doing 3 days per ritual to cement in each element. I combine this with a short theta gamma sync centering to clear my head - very important with everything going on in my life right now.

The most important things I’ve come to realize is how you start your journey has a lot of how the journey will progress. I have been going through my life for a bit now kinda by the seat of my pants without any real plan, especially without any contingency plan or thought to what I would do IF actually happens. Due to a recent financial difficulty I caused myself through not thinking or planning properly I am now trying to put things in order. Like most of us we often find clarity in turmoil.

I know the elements I want in my life and what I don’t need. The plan from an occult POV is to work through the initial 7 rituals in the Mystical Words of Power to get my thoughts and true direction for my life in order. When your mind is scattered or severely distracted by life’s craziness you must stop dead in your tracks to fix things - if you do not I can guarantee you things will eventually become out of control - from my own personal experience.

After reading several of the most prominent posters on here I have finally comes to terms with letting go of expectations and working towards your wants/needs/goals while using the elements of the occult to assist in the journey.

That said, I consider myself an aspiring grey magician as I seek to use whatever methods will address my goals.
If there are others here who have used this particular book I would appreciate you posting your experiences or thoughts no matter what your magickal slant might be.


I know this is kind of an old post, but how did things go? I’ve been doing every ritual in Part One every day for the past three days. One interesting thing I found is that when I close my eyes after every ritual I see what appears to be a column of light, or door, right where my third eye is. It fades away after a moment, yet happens every time. At night the column is blue and gold, during the day it inverts into purple.

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What an interesting post.
I feel that I needed to hear this.

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