Damon Brand / Doing magick in silence / help me please

Hello community, I comment I would like to work the books of Damond Brand but I live with my family and they hate magic.
I want to work with Words Of Power, Mystical Words Of Power and Magickal Protection

Already i am reading Magickal Protection and Damon says:

> Find a time when you can be alone and a place where you can speak the words out loud. If you have to whisper them, imagine that you are calling them to the ends of the Universe

My question is if i can apply this for all my magick with silence, just using my mind like Damon said

thank for reading, have great day

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Yes that is fine, I also used to do that in the past. Only in ‘Demons of Magick’ have I seen that they insist the words be spoken out loud. On their site, looking at Adam’s response to that question, it seems he might disagree with Gordon on it but I recommend following what the book says for best results. Otherwise, yes you can say the words in your mind.

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When I have that problem, I memorize the words and say it in the shower.

You can do it silently, I have before and it still works.