Damn im full

Had to do community service today. Fed off the other 5 guys all day and fuck do i feel rejuvenated. Seriously perfecr setting to feed

I’m not much into vampirism, but its interesting to read someone feels rejuvenated after community service :D. When i don’t feel rejuvenated after sleeping 12 hours… Well this varies, but maybe there are psychic vampires in my life… or vampiric entities in my apartment, even now behind my back reading my messages…

I been supposed to banish stuff out of my house for several months now, but i just keep putting it off… like they manipulated me or then i’m just paranoid.

Same here, I’ve had a HORRIBLE immune system during the winter seasons for my entire life…like constant colds, runny noses, feeling run down, all that nonsense. Spring, Summer, Fall I’m fine…winter I’m a wreck.

I’m hoping to get my vamping skills up for next winter so I can suck some energy from the healthy rubes. Muhahahah

Gnosis, personally i had more of sickness problems at last summer :smiley: while usually i’m not seriously ill during the year for more than 1-2 times… Last year i was several, that is weird. In the summer i think i mostly got infected in my “drinking trips” alcohol lowers the immune system, and i was sitting and laying on dirty ground at parks and such.

Alcohol binging…been there…done that. Now I only drink in extreme moderation, maybe once or twice a month I’ll have a few glasses of wine. Alcohol is da debbil I tellz ya!

Besides, it’s not even worth it living here in the police state USSA…I have a longer record than Mike Tyson from living the ‘wild life.’

Other than that…If you like getting into altered states, think of switching to all the other wonderful ‘fun’ psychedelics that are available in today’s modern world. Many of these will aid you in some intense spiritual experiences.

Alexander Shulgin, he gave the world a gift…so use it: