Daily rituals

couple questions

who here banishes daily and who doesn’t? any of you avoid banishing completely?

what daily rituals do you guys perform or recommend?

I’m trying to figure out what to do for a daily practice.

you guys do anything specific for prepatory immersion right before ritual?

I only do banishing rituals when i sense the enviroment is charrged with negative energy. I think a good daily routine would be harrvesting the energy rom the universe and from mother earth. I also think that performing kundalini from time to time would also be very good or any mage

I do not banish, but I perform the Middle Pillar in the morning, which leaves me empowered all the day. It is good as a motivation to keep up the magickal practices as well as a good energy work, specially if you add to it the techniques shown by Robert Bruce in his Energy Work book.

I’ve gotten out of practice lately (my fault, hard to get the extra free time) BUT when I was diligent I was practicing several meditations a day (void, darkness and pendulum/visualization) I also worked on invoking omnipotence daily.

When I first started out I used to banish all the time (LBRP) it’s recommended to do 3x a day but I found that to be a bit much and didn’t like the effect. It seemed to make me more sensitive and I didn’t like that as it seemed the opposite of its intended purpose. I changed that to a once a week banishing using I AM’s Solar grounding and banishing and I liked it much better.

Now I get my practice in doing work for others, I get home from work in the morning, take a cleansing bath/shower using soaps infused with certain oils and herbs, do my altar work or spell castings for clients, do whatever readings I need to do and then work on the wood work. I get in bed and listen to binaural beats while doing a void or white light meditation. I usually do a personal banishing once a week and banish cleanse my ritual room/temple when I’ve finished a clients spell or altar work to disperse the energies of their spells.

I TRY to keep up with my daily regiment of the LBRP but with banishing rituals make clear what you’re wanting to banish.I do the middle pillar exercise and try to keep up with my daily tarot contemplation ritual which is a GREAT exercise if you’re just gwtting into tarot.

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Nothing really. I have patron rituals Thursday through Monday night, that’s about the closest I have.

I have been doing the Pillar Ritual from Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery daily. I incorporate that into a banishing and shielding ritual.

Been doing LBRP and Solar Power ritual for about 10 months almost every day.

Now Ive added LIRP in the mornings with middle pillar and LBRP at night.

One thing that took me by surprise is how powerful the solar power ritual becomes after you have done it for a few months. Its amazing.

Been doing the Darkness meditation from Works of Darkness twice daily for the last two weeks.

I perform the Pagan LBRP daily:

I also perform gongyô (a set of Nichiren Buddhist chants and prayers) twice-daily. Here is a short excerpt from gongyô. They are chanting: “Namu Myoho Renge Kyo” which means: "I devote myself to the mystical law of the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha that governs the whole Universe and all its phenomena."
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

I also recite several more chants and prayers. Some of them:

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I recommend some relaxation and meditation everyday. The basis of all this work uses the body and mind. Honing these two skills to perfection provides a strong base to build on, and will benefit almost all other techniques.

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I do this invocation almost daily, only lately I’ve re-written it to replace “have I” for stuff with “AM I” - a subtle shift that’s obviously about my own stuff.

I can’t say anything about my own bit but that planetary “stoicheia” stuff might be worth exploring.

I banish (modified since invoking Ahriman in the past 10 days) according to, literally, what I want in my space and what I don’t, I posted about that here if it’s any interest.

Everything I do is a work in progress though, and I don’t think there’s a right way to do this stuff because you’re going to constantly change, evolve, see through former shells that protected your growth and so on.

I only promote the idea of some kind of daily rit because it keeps you focused and shows your subconscious mind that this is a part of your life, which gives you mastery greater than if you think of it as an adjunct or thing to only do when you’re feeling empowered, special, or in the mood. But then I go and slack off and stuff so like I said, work in progress, and next week I’ll probably think something completely different!

One tip I would really advise you take to heart is to not make your power, your potential or your ambitions conditional upon doing 44 days solid of X, Y or Z ritual work, because that’s usually just ego and fear trying to tell you “Later, sweetie” - but again that’s not even true in all cases. Still, it’s a good thing to consider, see how it feels for you at any one time.

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