Daily ritual practice

So this may seem to be an laughable question to some of you, however I feel it’s a question that would certainly benefit those new practitioners such as myself. Now I understand that with daily meditation and ritual practice is often a common trait amongst those whom have been practicing for a while. What might be some good daily ritual practices to implement that are good for continual advancement without invoking/evoking entities often enough to pester them so to speak?


Your own divinity? :smiley:

I think Photobucket have blurred an image in this post (which I’ll fix soon) but the basic invocation is something I use:


You can have lesser entities with you that serve you under a certain logic, at some point you won’t remember the last time you bothered a big one, as they will mostly come on their own if you are worthy of receiving their help. Among those entities, having quality time with succubi and/or incubi can be a very rewarding experience that will improve yourself immensely if you are able to appreciate some sex magick theory

And what @Lady_Eva says is a great idea, because the advancement happens in you. In Thelema we have a specific ritual for that, it’s called “Liber Samekh”.

I would say that I’ve never had a fixed daily practice, I just do what I feel like doing

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Grounding and shielding. I saw parasites on this stupid old bitch that was a reiki master that was to lazy to protect herself.


I do feel like that would be something that could get overlooked easily.

!: Banishing (this can be a specialised ritual, like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or part of something else like @Lady_Eva’s Invocation of Inner Divinity mentioned above)

2: Meditation

3: Energy Work of some sort.

I also second @Purple 's suggestions of grounding and shielding.


I do a morning ritual where I meditate to a black flame chant. There are two on Youtube. If you can see my post history, you can find the links. I’m away from my pc at the moment.

My daily (usually) ritual involves singing to my main Deity on my way to work.

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