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Indeed, I intend on being able to do the Wu Zang protection meditation before I start doing low magic. This involves using the five elements, connected to the five organs, to create a protective barrier. This is a form of protection without relying on any external force, like many banishing rituals.

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Thats fascinating. Im going to look into that myself, I enjoy working with the elements so Id def be interested in that.

This looks like a fun thread!

I love reading about people’s daily routines.

Here is mine.

Every morning the first thing I do is a half hour of concentration meditation, followed by a half hour of insight meditation. Then I focus on the image of the Qlippoth over my alter and project my consciousness through Da’ath and then through the rest of the tree. Often I will follow this up with a demonic evocation and a possession that I will carry with me into the day. There are only a few demons who I work with in this way, and I employ them according to my goals for that day.

Here is a image of the altar space I use for my morning meditations.

Generally in the evening I try to do at least an hour of insight meditation and occasionally energy work. On a bi-weekly basis I do a multi-hour entheogen fueled sex magick working in order to charge my long term gnosis and my ascension.


You can learn more about this practice in Dr. Jerry Allan Johnson’s Chinese Medical Qi Gong Therapy Volume 2: Energetic Alchemcy, Dao Yin therapy, and Qi deviations.

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Wow that is so awesome! You are very dedicated! And I love your altar space, I work with an altar to, atm its purely for my workings with Hekate but I am thinking of also creating one for my paetron daemon. Can you explain about the entheogen sex magick? Also how long have you been doing all this. Honestly all these answers are putting me to shame, I need to get my backside back in gear again :rofl:

Thankyou for that, i’ll see if I can get those on my kindle. I really like the idea of protection without the need for banishing etc

Check inbox.

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I’m not sure how explicitly you are allowed to talk about that, so moderators please feel free to remove this comment.

Usually on those days I do a practice called the fire kasina which you can learn about at firekasina.org. Then I ingest an appropriate catalyst. Then I do some sort of ritual invocation or evocation. Then I do some formal sexual meditation in yab-yum with my partner. That involves trying to focus energy in the central channel. Having accomplished that I use the vipassana techniques to rise up through what are called vipassana-jhanas and perceive emptiness directly, or enter a state known as nirodha-samapatti. Then we go to town in a more conventional way.

The most outrageous instance of this was when I was possessed by Shub-Niggurath and he was possessed by Yog-Sothoth.

The best place to learn about vipassana is Daniel Ingram’s book Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha which can be read for free at the author’s website integrateddaniel.info. It is totally the best book ever written on meditation. It is to meditation what Errowid is to drugs. The second edition is better because it has more on magick and siddhis. Although, its important to note that the practice I am describing here isn’t in that book, but the foundational techniques I use are in there.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity! I’m happy to share but I hope I am not oversharing.


I think it will be fine, thats the good thing about discussions here, we’re free to talk very openly. Is your partner on the same sort of path as yourself then. Mine isn’t so I have always been very solitary and I dont even discuss with him the sorts of experiences that I have, thats why Im so grateful for this forum to be able to talk about things with likeminded people and even though ive only been here a short while Ive already learned new things which I love. I sorta feel im living 2 lives but I suppose alot of people who are magickians etc feel the same.

Dedication to foundation building is solid practice, kudos. :smiley_cat:

I’d also suggest the study of yijinjing & xisuijing qigong, it may be helpful to you along the way.


I will look into this, thank you wise one. May you have a lovely day.