Daily Offering Questions

Okay so I read Jason Millers new book and the one thing that has stuck out the most is daily offerings.

Now on a side note I gotta ask; things to offer on a daily basis for Lucifuge Rofocale, Mephistophiles and Belial.

I have looked around and couldn’t find a thing for Lucifuge or Mephistophiles pertaining to offerings.

Also what are y’alls daily offering practices and to whom?

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Don’t know about those two but everyday I light a candle for Lucifer and thank him for his presence in my life. He lets me know what he would like and when. The others I work with or who have chosen to teach me I do the same- they tell me what they want and I offer it along with time.

I don’t do daily offerings really. I do wear jewelry dedicated to certain entities and they always get time from me even if it’s 5 mins here or there. I also do drawings; they are all inspired by someone I work with.

When I do larger things, candles, food, and write incantations.


With demonic entities wine literally never fails.