Daily Evocations

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In one breath, it is said to evoke daily to increase power and strength. In another breath, it is said to only have 3 sigils open at a time. I am confused on how it’s possible to do both. Let’s say I summon King Paimon, Bune and Mammy’aon for 3 separate tasks, then obviously that’s 3 sigils and I’ve reached the said limit.

However, let’s say I task King Paimon will influencing publications to accept my work but also to influence a friend to pay back a loan and then also influence my niece to stop being lazy and study harder to get her grades up in school.

Then also I task Bune with more money from my home business and Mammy’aon for inspiration to break through a writer’s block. Technically, now I have 5 open sigils at one time, even though, 3 are for King Paimon.

Is there some kind of loophole to the ‘3 sigil’ rule? I love evocation. I love meditation. I love seeing the positive changes and progress I’m making but my brain is stuck on the whole ‘3 sigil’ matter.

A little clarification, please.

There is a topic about this:

In which EA explains the idea behind the ‘3 sigil rule’

And all ‘rules’ are just guidelines. You, as a magician, should feel free to experiment with the number of workings and energy you bring into your magick. Be sure to record the results. Test 1, 2, 3, 4 sigils open, etc. Do you notice a difference? Does your experiences match with EA?

I think he is just trying to keep your space clear of ambient astral junk that comes from summoning and calling upon ‘a lot’ of powers daily. Though if you can manage, feel free to stretch your wings. Dont let some rule stop you, but also know it is there for a reason.


Aaahhh, ok. Thank you very much. I have a tendency to get stuck on ‘rules’; obviously something I need to work on. Lol.

Hello, I’m new here but am confused when you are referring to sigils and them being actvitated especially when we are talking about evocation. Are we talking doing a full evocation every day? Are we talking about calling upon a certain demon and activating his personal sigils? Or, are we creating a sigils for what we want using methods such as Spare’s technique? Now, if we are talking about activating a spirit’s personal sigils without doing a full evocation where can I find info on doing that? I appreciate the help.

This is the technique:


Thanks for this. I bought the omniscience program and black magick one and figured they must be in their but want to start the transformation part of my life now.

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