Daily cleansing ritual for the self

Greetings to all of you amazing and magickal people on here.

I wanted to share a little cleansing ritual that I do everyday whilst I shower. Unfortunately my bathroom in my appartment is not too big and can only house a shower, along with a toilet and sink. So it has been years since I had a bath如hew what a stinker!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: However I do shower daily and sometimes twice a day depending what type of activities I have been doing that day. Anyway enough of my dribble. Here is my daily cleansing routine of the self:

As you step into the shower and the water pours over you recite this incantation before you wash yourself:

"As the water cascades over me, dark and light shine on me.
As the water cascades over me, drive away negativity.
As the water washes over me, wash away toxicity.
As the water washes over me imbue me with positivity.

So Mote be it."

Say this at least 3 times or as many times as you want, depending how much time you have.

Next take the soap in your hand, either will do. Say this incatation as you wash yourself:

"With this soap, I cleanse my mind, body and soul.
Removing the bad, old energy and replacing it with new, good energy.
Making my mind body, and soul fresh again.

So Mote be it."

Repeat this 3 times or as many as you want. You can adapt the words to suit and replace any which may be more fitting to yourself. You can do this in the bath and change it around for that scenario. This is just what I use. Also to enhance the cleansing ritual even more you can place 4 small bowls of sea salt or coarse salt in the corners of the shower or bath. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Like I said change it to suit.

Peace, happiness and blessings to you all